10 things I love about Sunday


Happy weekend! I hope you treat yourself well this weekend – maybe relax or read a good book, or hope you spend time with the people you love.

I also hope that there will be some delicious food in your life this weekend macaroni saladAnd the potato salador Unbaked cookies. That’s pretty much the description of the weekend, lol.

Here are 10 things I’ve been loving lately.

1. Speaking of good food, I made and loved Mocha coffee cake mix. all the joy Combines with Williams Sonoma Tasty!

2. It’s no secret how much I love Great Jones … Could you Read my review of the non-stick frying pan here. I recently got cake pan nail And it’s of high quality (plus it’s really pretty). I love him!

3. I recently started following Tweet embed On IG (LOVE IT!!!) I’m ordering her as soon as possible.

4. Currently reading The third victimAnd I enjoy it. I’ve never read this author before – it was a recommendation, and I love the dark thriller.

5. Summer = drink a lot of water. back on my true lemon kick (as well as LMNT) are the two things I add to water, and it makes me more excited to drink it. lol.

6. Oscar bought a tree This record For Father’s Day – so cute, we’re excited to use it!

7. I bought This phone is a crossbody bag after reading Laura’s function. Totally touched!

8. I posted a Donut Ben Tutorial On IG a while ago, and I still love my country hair bun maker.

9. All my time favorite bronzer.

10. The glitter effect in this picture is taken from Pink Papaya app (which I like).

Hope you have a lovely Sunday – take care of yourself! xo. whatever

Note: Here is last week’s link 10 things Sunday In case you missed it on yourself!


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