10 things I love Sunday

Happy weekend! I hope you do something that makes you happy this weekend. I’m eating pizza with my grandmother today, and it makes me very happy. Here are 10 things I’ve been loving lately.

1. Recently my friend Holly introduced me to skin owl And immediately got a file sample package Of the oils and creams that you can try. Keep me out of the skincare aisle, I’m obsessed. very funny.

2. I’m done hate game And I really enjoyed it. It was the perfect vacation read for me, as I read mostly on the plane and was the perfect distraction from mild travel anxiety – which I always had on planes.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but you know I will.

3. I’m watching This jacket …especially now that it’s for sale.

4. I recently made a large batch of Homemade play dough For our childhood charm site, which my son is obsessed with. He likes to mix colors together, lol.

5. I’m looking for no excuse to buy myself This version of Clue; It looks so cute and I’m obsessed with this show.

6. Best floral wallpaper designs. This guide is fun to look at even if you’re “window shopping.”

7. I am discussing a purchase These jelly shoes For spring (they come in a range of colours). On the one hand, I grew up in the ’90s and early 2000s, so I feel very nostalgic.

But, on the other hand, I remember having sweaty feet inside of them on really hot days and it gives me pause. Was anyone else wearing jelly shoes growing up? Am I the only psycho with sweaty feet?

8. I don’t need any more earrings BUT These gold earrings It’s currently being saved to my Amazon shopping cart. I feel like I’ll be wearing it all the time.

9. I like this Handmade wreath for the spring.

10. It is currently burning Best scent ever in my kitchen and felt perfect for every season.

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  • You mentioned the play dough project, but I made it too Butter slime And Oscar is obsessed with that, too. He loves to roll them into balls and snakes. 🙂
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