10 things I love Sunday

The weather is unseasonably cold this weekend, but I forced myself to pack up and walk. Walking is like a free therapy for me – I always feel better.

In other news, I signed Norman up for a training class and we have “homework” every week. It’s super cute…and a good challenge for both of us. The 39-year-old dog mom is here!

1. I was 100% touched by Emma when I bought it This candleAnd it smells as delicious as it looks.

2. My favourite Dry shampoo. It’s made with clean ingredients and works like a dream!

3. I wanted one These lamps briefly. Should I go for it? It’s a good price.

4. I bought a bunch of old lipsticks at the flea market the other day, and naturally I ended up browsing lipstick holders on Etsy.

5. I’m always curious where people buy their phone cases, so Here’s a link for me. The colors change depending on the color of your phone.

6. I rewatched You’ve got mail Last night he totally cried at the end. I am human after all!

7. The other day, a friend asked what kind of mascara I’m using (this is always a better Courtesy, right?).

8. I’m fond of anything with a fruit design—especially one This blouse.

9. I requested a Butterfly mop to my balcony. It is perfect for the spring season, which is just beginning tomorrow.

10. I put This essential oil On my wrists and the bottoms of my feet every night before bed. Highly recommended!

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