10 things I love Sunday


Last week I drove to a small town about 30 minutes from my house and went to some flea markets and an old coffee shop.

Small towns (this one has a population of 700) are really therapeutic for me – life seems simpler, carefree and easy. Like going back in time. It was a good reminder to slow down a bit!

1. I used a file Leaf gloss spray On my indoor plants yesterday. Looks very good! It was very satisfactory.

2. I’ve been making out with Emma Roasted cauliflower At least once a week. If you think cauliflower is boring, try this recipe!

3. Speaking of food, I wrote a post with a group of Easy picnic food ideas. Give me all the comforting side dishes, please.

4. I still love my country Butterfly mop.

5. I replaced the old cabinet knobs in my kitchen with them these. Someday I want to do a major renovation, but I change up little things here and there.

6. I wanted to try This is the basis For summer. I am currently using it thisBut I can’t resist the glowy skin look.

7. In The best sunglasses never. It’s affordable and lasts! I own this coloralso.

8. My favourite Sparkling water flavour.

9. I tend to buy These mules. Reviews say it’s very lightweight and comfortable…and it looks joking.

10. I don’t buy hand soap often, but when I do, I love having it this in my kitchen.

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