10 things I love Sunday

Well, now I’m nearly 38 weeks pregnant with our second daughter, so I’m living in the land of packing hospital bags and checking items off our to-do list while I somehow try to nestle and organize amidst the constant basement renovation.

I still really hope to get some of the dirtiest projects off the list in the basement before we pause to the noise and people coming in and out soon after her birth, but if you’ve renovated before you know everything takes longer than you think – so we’ll see!

Here are some fun things that distracted me this week.

A chair with a pink and white blanket and a pink pillow

1. I now know three other people who have it This is a cozy chess blanket (Including Elsie and Emma!) And I just couldn’t resist! Very nice with those Soft corduroy pads. Verify Amazon home decor listing Our favorite home decor items!

2. Cute little storage box for a child’s room.

3. I bought a travel size of this Monday Smooth Shampoo And air conditioner Come back to try it and love it! I’ll get some full size bottles Once I ran out of all my current stuff.

4. Todd and I watched Pale blue eye This weekend, and with him being a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe and I enjoying a few things more than Christian Bale, it was the perfect pick for us.

I also looked up where it was filmed and it turns out it was filmed here in Pittsburgh with some locations we literally drive every day near our house (!!!).

5. I love all Small seed valentine cards They have it on Etsy that kids can plant and grow flowers in their yard! That’s a nice idea.

6. This bed!!!

7. I’ve owned the same travel toiletry bag for far longer than I care to admit, and having accidentally spilled enough items over the years, well, it’s time to get a new one. I expected that This with nearly 40 thousand reviews It would be a great alternative, and I will be using it in my hospital bag soon.

They also have Matching travel jewelry holdersand you can see more Travel items we love are on this list.

8. It was dreamed up This sausage and turnip soup This week…the perfect January meal!

9. This flush mount light Fun too.

10. Proverb Beautiful planter!

Pretty soon I’m going back to non-maternity leggings, so maybe I should Score a few of those Since Aerie leggings are 30% off this weekend…they look super comfy but with some support right where you need it!

P.S. Here are some posts from the past week in case you missed it!

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