10 things I love Sunday


This week, I’m hosting Thanksgiving, and while I’m super excited to be hosting, I’m also so excited for my family to see my house decorated for Christmas (since we’ll be traveling to celebrate with them in December!).

Plus, I think if you decorate a little earlier, you’ll have more time to move things around. 🙂 This is what I love about this week!

1. I bought a “Ho Ho” pillow last season on sale locally, but I found it A few places online resident! my little one star topper It’s only $5, and it’s just precious.

2. My Air Fryer (Emma has the same!) It’s the cheapest I’ve seen on Black Friday. I love this because you can have two things cooking at the same time, and cleaning it up is a breeze.

3. These are a little cuter coffee spoons And they come in the best of holiday designs.

4. How nice is this Target store gingerbread house?!

5. My parents will come here for a visit and it is our tradition to watch it White Christmas together. We will finish decorating the house for Christmas too. I think besides White ChristmasAnd the Christmas in Connecticut It might (the old one!) be one of my favorite holiday movies.

6. I picked up This candle And love it!

7. Do you have a Christmas village? I have been collecting Cut the village of Mitford From an old Hallmark collection that’s been out of eBay for a few years. It was fun adding to it!

You can make one too! this is Winter Village He is very sweet. Elsie Halloween village craft It can turn into Christmas too.

8. THIS IS A VERY RANDOM STOCKING FILLER Suggestion, BUT THIS Cleansing gel paste It has more than 57 thousand reviews on Amazon.

9. I’m going to make some cookies for my neighbors and friends soon. If you’re mailing cookies this holiday season, This post He has some great tips!

10. Matching pj’s are always fun. Both Hanna Anderson And the Burt’s Bee Baby 50% off Black Friday sales.

P.S. Here are some posts from the past week in case you missed it!


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