11 at-home spa bath ideas, from top designers

A walk-in shower is one of life’s pleasures. There are few things more relaxing than time spent under Wide steam. But just taking a shower at face value can ignore it The ability to enhance wellness. And if it’s not designed well, it can actually be annoying. “There’s nothing worse than poorly applied body sprays,” he says. Designed by Meredith Owen When asked about the best shower ideas. Many other interior designers shared this sentiment: Utility and precise placement are key.

It would really be a shame not to fully honor this space. This is because a walk-in shower is an incredible gateway Spa at home. So if you’re curious about the best design elements, both big and small, check out these 11 designer shower stall ideas. Each adds potency and flow to the ultimate luxury.

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11 shower ideas

#1: Keep the pressure on

This is perhaps the most important of any shower, cubicle or not: making sure your fixture provides a steady, powerful flow. Owen, founder of Meredith Owen Interiors, believes that the right shower pressure is a must.

#2: Make the warmth paramount

“It’s really important to consider the comfort of the bathers,” says Bethany Adams Bethany Adams Interiors. “Without a door to keep the warm air in, a walk-in shower can be very noisy.” To retain heat, Adams suggests investing in a bathroom floor heating.

#3: Preheat the shower

If the above isn’t an option, Adams says to consider running the heat in the actual bathrooms. “It depends on the design and materials used,” she says, but there might be a tricky spot under the shower seat that works with the heat.

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#4: Consider the placement of controls

Controls should be located near the shower area opening for easy access. Tanya Smith-Sheflett says: Unique kitchens and bathrooms.

#5: Let there be light

If there is a window in the bathroom, take advantage of the light by letting it shine through. Better yet, invest in a mirror to bounce off the light. This will make the shower cabin look more spacious.

No. 6: Choose calm colors

The ideal vibe in a bathroom is transitional, airy, and relaxing. Bring this into your walk-in shower by choosing tile colors that evoke ease, such as blues, greens, grays, and cool whites.

Image courtesy of Meredith Owen Interiors

#7: Let go of restrictions

For a more streamlined experience, Smith-Shiflett says to avoid any restrictions. “The homeowner should be able to walk without hindrance,” she says.

No. 8: Add stature

Because walk-in showers often lack a ledge to hold products, creating storage accessible via a niche or small shelf is key, says Smith Shiflett.

No. 9: Or an edge

This is another way to carry accessories, says Adams. “A nice clean edge looks elegant and is less expensive to install.”

Image courtesy of Bethany Adams Interiors

#10: Give yourself a seat

Adams likes to incorporate a bench in the bathroom, and finish it with the same tile or stone as the rest of the walk-in space.

No. 11: Choose more shower heads

If you really want to hit Spa atmosphereAdd multiple shower heads, including a rain head or body jets, suggests Smith-Shiflett. Adams agrees, adding that this contributes to the overall warmth of the experience.

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