11 mushroom recipes with great health benefits

For the past few years, it seems all anyone in health food circles can talk about is mushrooms. Because where there is concern for wellness, there is concern for food—functional food specifically. While these aren’t the hallucinogenic kind, they almost feel like “magic mushrooms” in their own right. Various types have been promoted Boost immunityCancer control and containment High amounts of antioxidants. So it’s no wonder healthy mushroom recipes are soon entering the mix.

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11 mushroom recipes that perfectly combine flavor and nutrition

If a functional mushroom isn’t on your radar yet, it should be. Varieties like reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and lion’s mane get street cred Wellness ingredients In dietary supplements, coffee, tea, snacks and broths.

Personally, I look for ways to incorporate all types of mushrooms into my diet, and while different types contain different levels of benefits, they are all really good for you. So let’s get to some healthy mushroom recipes! Keep scrolling for 11 options that will help you get your daily dose of our favorite fungi.

Mushroom toast with watercress and lemon

Why we love it: Oftentimes, getting protein during breakfast is quite a challenge. A great way to start your morning, this toast is packed full of healthy ingredients with a cooking time of just 10 minutes. The vibrant green pop that arugula adds to this toast makes the meal that much nicer. After the mushroom mixture is stirred, it can be kept in an airtight container for a busy morning meal or afternoon snack.

Main ingredient: The star of this show is undoubtedly the gorgeous green watercress. Not only does it make this dish special, but it also gives you the chance to eat a little veggies during your morning meal.

Roasted mushrooms with thyme and smoked salt

Why we love it: These caramelized mushrooms are next level. The variety of mushrooms in this recipe makes for unique flavors while still maintaining all the health benefits that mushrooms have to offer. The possibilities when serving are endless: These delicious mushrooms can be used as a side dish or even as a vegetable main.

Main ingredient: The Dijon mustard in this recipe is optional, yet it’s a refreshing contrast to the flavors of thyme and salt.

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with caramelized onions and spinach

Why we love it: This recipe is full of vibrant flavors and many garnishing possibilities. The best part: It’s only five ingredients! These mushrooms are stuffed with a mixture of caramelized onions, spinach and parmesan cheese. If you have leftovers from the filling, don’t worry. Elevate your morning meal by pairing the delicious scramble with eggs or an omelet.

Main ingredient: Caramelized onions pair well with a variety of dishes, but when paired with these portobellos, they’re to die for.

One pot with garlic mushrooms, sausage and watercress

Why we love it: This recipe covers protein, vegetables, and carbs in one bowl! Health benefits aside, this recipe brings a lot to the table. Your bowl will be full of flavour, with added richness from the Parmesan cheese. Garnishes of arugula and red pepper lend beautiful color and undeniable flavor to this well-rounded dish.

Main ingredient: You can never go wrong with pasta and Parmesan. The cheese blends with the mushrooms, creating a creamy texture that pairs perfectly with this protein.

Scrambled eggs and mushroom toast

Why we love it: Two words: non-stick frying pan. Having a nonstick coating is the key to cooking your scrambled egg mixture quickly and being easy to clean up. And a good bread, such as sourdough or seeded wheat, elevates this recipe with a unique texture. How can you go wrong with this 10-minute recipe?

Main ingredient: While eggs and toast make a great breakfast, any mushrooms you choose make this recipe picture-perfect.

Collagen mushroom coffee full of protein

Why we love it: Contrary to popular belief, one way to start your morning with plenty of nutrients is with your morning coffee. We swear by this recipe for a sustained energy boost throughout the day. All you need is coffee, almond milk, mushroom powder, chocolate mix, and collagen protein powder. Simply mix the ingredients together and you will have a healthy way to start your day.

Main ingredient: the Reishi mushroom powder It makes this coffee unique and provides the extra nutrients to start your day or energize your afternoon.

Meatballs with mushrooms and white beans

Why we love it: Giving my go-to spaghetti brighten up is exactly what I’m looking for in 2023. These vegan meatballs are a tasty, healthy alternative to the traditional beef meatballs we know and love. Making white bean meatballs also forbids the bean-based meatballs that are typically offered as a vegetarian option.

Main ingredient: Cannellini beans are a simple and delicious way to boost the nutrition of your plate.

Pappardelle with Cheetahs, Kale and Gummies

Why we love it: Minimal dishes meet cozy comfort in creating the perfect pappardelle dish. The umami from the shiitake mushrooms creates a light, pleasant flavor that blends perfectly with melted Parmesan. The shallots keep this recipe from feeling heavy and pair perfectly with the mushrooms. It’s hard to go wrong with this one-pot vegetable favorite.

Main ingredient: When cooked slowly and slowly, shallots are the star of the show. The savory, mild flavor blends perfectly with the mushrooms.

Mushroom, spinach and goat cheese frittata

Why we love it: Eggs and veggies keep this dish simple and streamlined, but the goat takes the frittata to the next level. This recipe also contains an extensive list of topping options for all of your frittata endeavors. Serving with spring greens adds even more nutrition to this easy dish while keeping the ingredients vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free.

Main ingredient: While any kind of cheese can be used in a frittata, goat cheese adds a sweet richness that contrasts with the spinach and mushrooms. Less is more when sprinkled on top of your frittata.

Ban Mi bowl

Why we love it: One of the most sought after meals in Austin is Banh Mí, and I can’t say I disagree with this popular meal. This bowl contains not only mushrooms but pickled vegetables and spicy tofu. Not only does the variety of ingredients in this bowl provide a nutritious alternative to the typical baguette, but it also provides a unique flavor and beautiful color.

Main ingredient: I’m obsessed with using spicy tofu as a substitute for beef or pork in this Banh Mí bowl. Allowing the tofu to reach a perfect golden brown while frying ensures the tofu has the perfect texture.

Polenta with garlic butter, kale, and mushrooms

Why we love it: Warm up with this creamy polenta whenever you need to cool off. Cabbage and mushrooms are an added health benefit to this tasty dish. You can’t go wrong when serving these vegetables with a garlic butter sauce, which creates a flavor that contrasts with the creaminess of rich polenta. Leftovers can also be served with a protein such as grilled chicken or seafood.

Main ingredient: Polenta is a wonderful grain that is easy to cook, very creamy, and somewhat healthy.

Warm Farro Pot with Roasted Cauliflower and Kale

Why we love it: The dishes are undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes right now for busy weeknights. But as with many of the wonders of the work week, there’s nothing boring or basic about it. In this recipe for the ultimate farro dish, healthy ingredients like cauliflower, farro, kale, and mushrooms make for a hearty bowl of flavor. Plus, the layer possibilities are truly endless. recipe maker, Jill Simmons He recommends using roasted squash and sweet potatoes to finish off the dish.

Main ingredient: The freshness of the bowl, especially from the chopped herbs, beautifully complements the hazelnut crunch.

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