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Portland is located on the western edge of the United States, and is one of the Oregon The biggest cities to explore. With plenty of parks, it’s easy to get to some epic Hiking in Oregon And mountains of foodie places, it’s the perfect town for a trip away! The only tricky thing will be deciding how to prioritize the best things to do in Portland first!

So, to help you along the way, I wanted to share some of our favorite places in Portland that are easy to get to. You see, the city hugs some great natural spots, and I had to include a few that I really think you can’t miss. In my opinion, this is what makes the city so great, there is so much to do in and out of the city!

Whether you are visiting as part of a larger scale West coast road trip or a customized trip to Oregon Same, Portland is a city you shouldn’t let slip off your itinerary.

Best things to do in Portland

Take a look below at the best things to do in Portland when you visit. Have a great time in Oregon.

1.) Washington Park

Best things to do in Portland

With miles and miles of trails and roads, Washington Park is a haven if you want to spend time away from the city streets. Plus, it’s absolutely gorgeous and one of the best things to do in Portland if you’re near Pittock Palace.

Washington Park in Portland dates back to the 19th century and has a plethora of sites that you can’t miss. You have to see the International Rose Test Garden; It has something like 10,000 rose bushes inside (although I doubt you’ll see them all). Ha!

Best things to do in Portland Gardens

In addition, you also have the wonderful Japanese garden that you can visit. It’s a totally serene space where you can really feel peace and harmony with nature (even if that sounds a little cheesy).

Spread across 12 acres of land, it was built with the idea of ​​giving Portland a peaceful haven, while also embracing the cultural ties between Japan and the broader Oregon.

Best things to do in Portland nature

Inside the Japanese Garden, you can stroll across the pond, flat, and tea garden adorned with an inviting festive café as well. Additionally, there is a heap of different events, such as mindfulness tours, lecture series, and cultural performances that happen seasonally as well.

Best things to do in Portland Gardens

Oh, and don’t forget the Hoyt Arboretum and the Portland Children’s Museum to see while you’re catching some redwoods. For those, follow the trails of the Redwood Observation Deck relatively close to Barbara Walker Crossing. It’s huge!

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2.) Columbia River Gorge

Best things to do in Portland

Known as the largest scenic area in Oregon, the Columbia River Gorge is one of the best things to do in Portland if you want to escape the city. It’s a must-see for hikers, especially since Oregon has some of Best tracks In the country to follow.

Best things to do at Portland Waterfall

Stretching a vast expanse of land, you will explore the stunningly beautiful Multnomah Falls. Known as the tallest waterfall in Oregon, it is located here (about 30 minutes drive from Portland).

Not only that, but you’ll follow a variety of trails, such as Wahkenna Falls Loop and Dry Creek Falls. A hundred-year-old observatory can also be visited at the Columbia River Gorge, which offers great views of the entire landscape.

If this is the scenery you are looking for, head to it Vista House And off Interstate 30.

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3.) Portland Museum of Art

Best things to do at the Portland Art Gallery

The Portland Museum of Art, the country’s seventh oldest and longest-running art museum in the Pacific Northwest, is a great place for art lovers and history buffs to explore. Founded in 1892, it is home to more than 42,000 objects, ranging from Native American and English silver collections to contemporary and modern art.

It is absolutely stunning and the perfect place to explore on a rainy day.

While most of the exhibits at the Portland Museum of Art are permanent exhibits, there are also rotating galleries in the spotlight regularly, so be sure to check the museum’s schedule ahead of time. Exterior It is a sculpture garden where you can admire a variety of sculptures and delicate carvings by different sculptors.

Best things to do in Portland Jacks lobster

After that, take a walk to The famous lobster jakes for a delicious lunch. Oysters and Dungeness Crab are very good!

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4.) Bitok Palace

Best things to do in Portland Palace

Pittock Palace dates back to times past and was the former residence of Henry Pittock. He was the founder of The Oregonian, the oldest continuously operating newspaper in Oregon and the West Coast. Today, visiting is one of the best things to do in Portland, especially if you’re interested in the city’s history.

Located on 46 acres of land 1,000 feet above the city, Pittock Mansion offers panoramic views of Portland.

Once inside, you can check out period features such as indirect lighting, intercom, and a central void system, all of which are impressive given the era in which they were built.

5.) Lan Su Chinese Garden

Best things to do in Portland

Not too far from the Japanese American Museum in Oregon, Lan Su Chinese Garden Well worth a visit while exploring Portland on a larger scale.

The gardens are absolutely stunning and serene. With Suzhou artisans and landscape artists recreating a version of a garden reminiscent of the Ming Dynasty. It is a harmonious blend of nature, architecture and design, all based on the Chinese tradition of combining nature with the modernity of life. It’s very cool.

You’ll also be able to spot the Garden of Awakening Orchids, displaying a variety of plants, some rare and even endemic to China.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab a traditional Chinese tea at the Garden Teahouse. White Peony tea is very refreshing.

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6.) Forest Park

Best things to do in Portland

Nestled in the eastern slope of the Tualatin Mountains and surrounded by Portland’s western side, Forest Park stretches over 5,000 acres and is home to more than 80 miles of hiking trails. Now, I’m not saying you have to walk the full 80 miles, but it’s definitely worth checking out a short trail while visiting Portland.

Known as one of the largest urban forest reserves in the United States, the park is accessible and explored by people of all ages and skill levels. Though, it can get a little chilly in the winter months, so wrap it up warm.

One of the most popular is the Wildwood Trail, a 30-mile trail that connects to other hiking trails around the city. You can also try the Maple Trail Loop for a scenic walk that will guide you through some of the park’s tallest residents!

7.) Portland Market on Saturday

Best things to do in Portland Gardens

Probably one of the best markets in all of Portland, where Saturday market It is a place you have to visit. In fact, it is considered one of the largest continuously operating markets in the United States.

Usually run between March to December, it’s the kind of place that any souvenir-seeker or hungry tummy should savor.

Portland’s Saturday Market has been in business since 1974 and is home to a large number of artisans and vendors. With everything from handmade clothing, jewelry, home décor, arts and crafts. In fact, there are hundreds of booths… you will be spoiled for choice.

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8.) Voodoo Donuts

Best things to do in Portland Voodoo Donuts

With a few locations in the city, devoured it in Voodoo Donuts A must if you have a thing for a sweet tooth! Filled with freshly baked cakes and sweets, Voodoo Donuts are absolutely delicious and worth grabbing while visiting Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Strawberry Cannolo and Mango Tango are very good things not to be missed! Oh, and don’t forget the old-fashioned glazed. I could eat a dozen of these on my own!

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9.) Powell City of Books

Best things to do in portland bowl books

One of the largest bookstores in Portland, Powell’s City of Books at Burnside Street is a haven for book lovers, bookworms, and literature buffs! Not that I’ve counted, but it’s said there are over a million books inside, featuring a massive mix of new titles and used copies to peruse and buy.

Aside from books, you can also find a cozy little café inside Powell’s City of Books where you can relax and have a cup while reading your newly purchased books. Additionally, throughout the year, this book library also hosts a series of book-related events, such as writing workshops, book club meetings, team discussions, and author readings. It is a very special place.

After that, drive down the road to sizzle bay downtown For one of the best pizza slices in Oregon. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best things to do in Portland if you’re a pizza lover. Ol’ Dirty pizza is very good. Oh, garlic hold is so delicious! Just don’t rush a kiss after devouring it… It’s absolutely garlic-filled!

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10.) Portland food trucks

Best things to do in Portland food trucks

You wouldn’t have the full Portland experience if you hadn’t visited Portland food trucks and carts. Collected in bulk collections, these food trucks represent Portland’s bustling and colorful culinary culture and make it truly special.

Serves up an atmosphere of gourmet delights from Texas-style barbecue and Guam shrimp dumplings to Hainanese rice and Nyonya curry soup. Not that you’ll struggle to find them, but there are plenty of options at Third Ave, Fifth Ave, Hawthorne Asylum, and Cartopia.

We’ve always loved Amelia’s Mexican food! The tacos are insanely good.

11.) Trillium Lake

Best things to do in Portland's Mount Hood Lake

About 90 minutes from the city center, Trillium Lake One of the best things to do in Portland is if you’re heading east toward Mount Hood.

In fact, it is one of the best viewpoints of the towering volcanic mountain (Mt Hood) and is a great place to visit. Once here, you can hike the Trillium Lake Loop Trail. If you’re visiting in the winter months, be sure to check out the ski trails around Timberline Lodge. Just be prepared for unexpected changes in weather conditions. Things can change quickly here.

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11 Best Places in Oregon to Visit

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