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PSA: your inbox It can be a source of joy. Don’t worry, I’m well aware of the sheer absurdity of that statement. After all, we live, work, and exist always on the world, where the expectation is an immediate, if not synchronous, response (don’t ask me how this happens, but the pressure is there). As someone who feels uncomfortable emailing (re: dread) on the record, I was desperate for anything that would relieve my anxiety. Enter, the 12 best newsletters to subscribe to calmAnd ImportantAnd inbox bliss.

If the goal Inbox Zero™probably thinking, Why Heck do I want another unread email? But here we focus on quality, not quantity. Yes, I also enjoy the satisfying absence of unread messages when I open my Gmail. But the truth is after registering for everyone (yeah, everyone) From the most thought-provoking newsletter to subscribe to, I’m starting to revisit this productivity guru.

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12 newsletters to subscribe to for a happier, healthier inbox

The idea of ​​being able to scroll through a million messages in the morning and log no unread emails at night has always been the pinnacle of work-related success. But honestly, I’m a little tired of thinking about my life and work this way. Instead, I want to tie tasks, goals, and yes — my inbox — to communication and growth. And once I started watching 9ish to 5ish weekdays in This Light, everything turned out for the better. Because after all, in this challenging world, I am after all the happiness I can get.

I’m kicking things off with a sassy plug for the most upscale newsletter in the game. Of course, I’m a little biased, but associations aside, this newsletter has been informing and inspiring me every single day to years. While some of the correspondence suggests email anxiety, Camille Styles’ newsletter is the complete opposite. Camille’s messages combine introspective words with energizing thoughts, and the articles are carefully curated and what I need to read that day (and come back to in the following days). I didn’t know it was possible to feel so relaxed and rejuvenated through my email, but this newsletter has me convinced.

Lots of ideas Comes from brilliant, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Holmes. A lover of all things British royals (especially in regards to their impeccable style), Holmes shares all the tips, tricks, and hilarious pranks on what it takes to live the best royal life. While the content covers fashion and travel, it also dives deep into thought-provoking ideas geared toward personal growth. Basically, when you sign up for Lots of ideasYou get a little bit of it all.

Good trade It’s on my list of websites and blogs I visit every morning before I dive into work for a healthy dose of motivational content. If you’re interested in personal growth, expanding your creativity, and becoming a better (kinder, kinder) human every day, I can’t recommend this enough. But if your mornings are more hectic – as we all are –daily goodness It is exactly what your inbox needs.

An abbreviated version of the long articles and content of the site, daily goodness It aggregates playlists, recipes, sustainability tips, self-care, and more. I like that each submission begins with a brief but pithy idea that often sets the positive tone for the rest of my day. Spend 30 seconds (carefully) scrolling. It’s worth a pause.

Sunday brain food It’s not about curing all quick fixes or grabbing attention with loud headlines. Rather, behind the team Farnham Street Intentionally design a newsletter focused on advice that can be easily applied and effectively weaved into your work and life. Every time I open (with excitement and impatience) a new issue, I am blown away by the innovative ideas and timeless wisdom.

Not only did it benefit my productivity, but my endless, insatiable curiosity (well, for a moment at least). Sunday brain food It is for lifelong learners and students at heart. But it really is a newsletter that will improve any inbox that needs a little knowledge to the next level.

Maybe you know Olivia Nokeda Aesthetics-driven, yet original (like, *actually* original) content you provide on Instagram. I take any mental health, determination, self-love, wellness, and recipe you must share. Really, when her profile is highlighted in my storylist or one of her reels drops in my newsfeed, my entire personality has been known to visibly transform for the better.

If those three sentences aren’t enough to convince you, Olivia is serious about writing and sharing photos and videos that invite you to think differently and more deeply about your personal experience and the world around you. her newsletter, on the rocksIt is an extension of all of that.

Centered around a different theme with each fortnightly mailing, Olivia’s incredibly relevant and utterly revolutionary written meditations read. While it’s clear she spends many hours frantically using just the right words to convey her insight and wording it beautifully, she also writes in a way that makes you feel like you’re talking to a friend. Because you are somehow.

If you’re the kind of person who checks your emails on the weekends, Olivia’s newsletter is just the surprise (and smile) Sunday needs.

It probably goes without saying, but we’re BIG James Clear fans here. And of course, we are not alone. His New York Times bestseller, Atomic habits, has sold over seven million copies. So yeah, I would say we’re in good company. for him 3-2-1 newsletter She is also very popular, with over 1 million subscribers. It’s packed with the same insights and wisdom you’d expect from a behavioral science expert who completely changed the way we think about habits–and what it really takes to stay committed to the practices that help us feel our best.

Each newsletter is curated with three short thoughts from Claire himself paired with two inspirational quotes from other thought leaders and a question for you to think about. 3-2-1 indeed.

Even if you think you haven’t heard of Intelligent Change, you’ve likely seen their Five-Minute magazine on every health influencer’s reels. Across all of its products and content, Intelligent Change changes the script when it comes to instilling positive change in your life. They make Practice writing a diary Easy to stick to on a daily basis, and their newsletter, Smart Weekly No less impressive and motivating. Expect a weekly dose of inspiration that encourages you to practice gratitude, develop emotional intelligence, and engage in self-reflection. Yes, your inbox is capable of doing wonders.

Atlas Obscura He shares courses, stories, city guides and organized tours of the world’s most amazing and often unexplored places. Keep in mind that it is your ultimate goal for all things not just travel, but culture, arts, and amazing experiences. They offer a range of newsletter options, with everything from daily and weekly summaries to glow-ups focused on food and travel. I personally subscribe to the daily dispatch, because I’m always up for some morning strolling.

Ann Friedman is a journalist, essayist, and co-author of the bestselling book Great Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close. Its newsletter serves as a survey of all the best writing and content the internet has to offer us in any given week. Given the strength and perspective of her work, it makes sense that she would also distribute a newsletter just as effectively in the culture world. Every Friday, expect to receive a carefully curated email consisting of engaging articles and comments. It’s one of those special newsletters that will make you feel smarter as soon as you open it.

With books like Steal like an artistAnd It continues to advanceAnd Show your business!And Austin Kleon I am fully responsible for changing the way I see creativity. While I may have once chided myself for my years of writing for one audience (well, my parents would check out my blog often), his work has helped me see the value of continuing to push myself to grow and develop as a creative. All the sparkle you’ve come to expect from Kleon is woven into every newsletter you send. The artist in you will thank you for subscribing.

Oh my God, I’ve been reading cup of joe Since… forever? Since launching the site in 2007, Cup of Jo has grown into one of the Internet’s most close-knit communities. The posts range from the very funny (“Vacation Threats”( to heartbreaking )What my son taught me about grief) To convert (“The year of my selfies”). What they all have in common is a powerful connecting thread that brings readers together from all over the world. Each week, the team behind the site pops into your inbox with their favorite reads and a cute little note check-in. It is probably one of the most helpful emails I will ever receive.

Like many others, my love and appreciation for all the good NPR has to offer is boundless life kit The newsletter only reinforces this fact. Created with the premise that “everyone needs a little help being human,” each newsletter is anchored on a different topic with tips and hacks (I don’t like the word, but it works here) that will change the way you approach about everything you do in your life. From parenting to saving money to workouts and Get a good night’s sleeplife kit Covers everything. Plus, if newsletters aren’t your thing, they have a Podcastalso.

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