$17.9 Billion XRP Tokens to be Unlocked in 2023 by CoinEdition

$17.9 billion in XRP tokens are scheduled to be unlocked in 2023
  • Token Unlocks reports that $17.9 billion in tokens will be unlocked in 2023.
  • The cumulative total value of tokens to be unlocked in 2023 is $102 billion.
  • Cryptocurrency users question the veracity of the report that could generate FUD.

Token Unlocks’ 2022 Annual Report highlights XRP as the token with the highest unlock potential for 2023. With $17.9 billion in tokens entering the market, XRP will unlock more than four times as many tokens as the next-ranked.

Filecoin expects to unlock $4.9 billion in tokens this year, on top of several other unlocks planned, as reported by Chinese crypto journalist Collin Wu. Wu’s report sparked reactions among his Twitter followers as users wondered what the influx of tokens could do to the market.

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