2023 NFL Schedule Release: Chargers, Eagles, Bears highlight the best team videos


the NFL He released his 2023 schedule on Thursday, which holds special meaning for football fans on social media: It’s the day internal content units from teams across the league find new, creative and hilarious ways to announce the dates they’ll face next. opponents.

Unsurprisingly, there have been several viral videos, including another cartoon-themed gold mine of hilarious references from Los Angeles Chargersa Philadelphia Eagles Videos featuring many adorable dogs, and videos from Chicago Bears And Dallas Cowboys Evoking hit TV shows, Google Maps’ amazing feat of guessing who New York Jetsand a New England Patriots Retirement home featuring Devin McCourty with special guest.

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Here are the videos that are buzzing on the internet!

The second charger anime destroys everyone – including themselves

The Chargers went with the cartoon format for the second year in a row, and once again mocked every one of their opponents, referencing several viral NFL moments and news stories from last season and the offseason.

The Chargers didn’t spare themselves either, opening the video with an actual receipt depicting their 27-0 lead against the Jaguars in last year’s playoffs.

Oh, and the QR code appeared in a clip of Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels cashing a slot machine coupon for freshman quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Those who scanned the code were taken to a page on the team’s website that contained two buttons for Chargers and Raiders fans. Clicking the last button takes the fan to Google search results for “how to get a job.”


Indianapolis… cowboys?

the Tennessee Titans Bystanders in downtown Nashville were asked to identify the logos of their opponents in 2023.

Things did not go well for these people.

The Google Map Wizard reveals the Jets table

The viral sensation rainbolt, which is able to pinpoint an area in Google Maps just by seeing an image for 0.1 seconds, has helped the Jets unveil their 2023 schedule with a twist. The planes showed him only half a black-and-white photo of a street in a certain opposition city.

And after…

The Bears, the Cowboys call the TV set in prime time

“The Bear” is a show set in a fast-paced sandwich shop in Chicago. Yellowstone is a show about cowboys.

But while cashing in on these live broadcasts might be an easy option for the NFL’s Bears and Cowboys, both teams on social media have done a good job with their crossovers and are sure to get fans excited about both the teams and the shows.

Bethune and the Party Planning Committee

the Denver Broncos She went with another video release of The Office-style schedule, but this time “The Boss” Peyton Manning enlisted actress Angela Kinsey—yes, that’s Angela—to do what her iconic comic character loved most: lead the party-planning committee.

Patriots retirement home

Devin McCourty has been welcomed into the Patriots’ “retirement home” by several New England legends – including another recent retiree who makes a cameo in the video’s outro (his name rhymes with Shum Shrady).

The Eagles are recruiting some good boys

The defending NFC champions may not be much of an underdog next season, but they still have to show some love for their dogs, including Jason Kelsey Baloo dog ad for Super Bowl rematch Travis Kells Kansas City Chiefs.

Lions, leaders and pirates get help from AI

The artificial intelligence craze has officially hit the NFL. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Based on their video from AI-generated text, which is a Washington leaders They used AI-generated art in some of their game ads, and Detroit Lions The AI ​​even mimicked the voices of Coach Dan Campbell and General Manager Brad Holmes as they were seen playing Madden.

Drone Vikings Show!

Last but not least, the Minnesota Vikings It jumped on the one-shot drone video trend to give an immersive feel to their timeline release.

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