23 faux houseplants that are as realistic as they are amazing

Friends often come to me with Houseplant problems—Things like fallen leaves, sad wilting, and no new growth. They’re usually surprised to hear my diagnosis: that it shouldn’t be a houseplant at all. Instead, I encourage friends who have a passion for veggies in living spaces To take fake houseplants for a test drive.

Think about the conditions in which plants live It thrives outdoors—There’s moisture in the air, natural sunlight, and pollinators buzzing around. While some plants do better than others internal settingsIt is not uncommon for most of them to eventually die due to dry air quality, inadequate lighting, and poor soil. For these reasons, I’m all about the faux houseplant trend.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

photo by Julie Pointer Adams

The most realistic fake plants on the internet

Most of our favorite stores now sell incredible artificial indoor plants, which makes it easy to add a realistic botanical spot to your home. Best of all: The only maintenance these beauties require is an occasional flick. Gone are the days of tacky, waxy-looking fake houseplants—it’s virtually impossible to spot fake indoor plants these days. From budding bulbs to Complete on fiddle leaf figThere is a home vegan version of almost every plant.

Best hanging and trailing plants

photo by Till Thompson

The best faux trees

Michelle Nash’s photo

Best sprays, flowers and branches

photo by Julie Pointer Adams

The best faux succulents, cacti, and

Michelle Nash’s photo

The best faux houseplants

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This post was originally published on March 18, 2019, and has since been updated.

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