24 gifts for beauty lovers to treat them this holiday

We all have it: the people in our lives who’ve never heard of short showers, the ones who apply eye creams And the serums From the bucket, living by the stern Skin care routine. If you don’t have that friend, you probably are that friend (I’m guilty). But if you don’t count yourself among the well-moisturized crowd, unearthing the secrets of the beauty world can seem a little off. Let’s face it: buying gifts for beauty lovers isn’t easy.

Yes, you may know them Such as Skin care But how do you choose the perfect beauty gift? How are you Find their skin type And whether or not they use retinol? As a beauty-loving person, I’ve received countless good products from well-meaning loved ones that I never use. Of course, that’s the important thought, but if something doesn’t fit into my skincare routine, what do I do?

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Unique gifts for beauty lovers

This holiday season, the answer is: the simpler, the better. The best gifts for beauty lovers are almost universal in who can weave them into their routine. By sticking to the basics and making sure each formula is suitable for sensitive skin (just in case) without being overloaded with fillers, you’ll reveal the secret to being Beauty is a gift giver. So skip the brightly colored skincare gift sets. Here are beauty editor-approved gifts for beauty lovers that will make everyone on your list obsessed with them.

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Beauty gifts under $25

Maude Bath Soak, $18

Do you know someone who is happy with a long, relaxing shower? These scented bath salts will lift your soak in seconds.

Crown Affair Silk Scrunchie Set, $15

For the person who’s always looking for a hair tie – or is always looking for a way to elevate any look – this silky scrunchie set is for all hair types and every outfit.

Golde Skin Hydrating Glow Ade, $15

all made Hailey pepper smoothie (Or if you made a trip to pick up Erewhon’s OG) you’ll love introducing watermelon-flavored skin hydration sachets into their morning routine. And yes, it will turn your water a delightfully pink (and TikTok-ready) color!

Ami Colé Lip Treatment Oil, $20

Glossy lips are the most important thing in beauty. This luxurious lip oil is a must have for any beauty lover.

KNC Beauty Star Eye Masks, $25

Get ready to see unique star-shaped eye masks on every friend’s selfie. Not only is it gentle, but it’s packed with nourishing ingredients that actually work.

Babytress Hair Edge Styler, $25

Raised edges don’t come off easily. And while a good old toothbrush is the tried-and-true tool for removing back flies and baby hair, this innovative styler is a stocking stuffer they’ll use every day.

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Beauty gifts under $50

Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask, $32

If Rihanna used it, your pet would want it. Not only is this face mask an award-winning skincare staple, it’s also a fun, delicious-smelling way to relax and unwind.

Topics Like Butter Mask, $34

Winter is here. And with it the skin of winter. The cream-healing hydrating face mask is suitable for all skin types – so there’s no guesswork involved.

Loops Variety Face Mask Set, $35

This set contains not one, not two, but five hydrogel masks for every skin type. Different mask for different skin care needs.

Le Mini Macaron Nail Kit, $35

For the person who hasn’t been spotted without a perfect manicure, this at-home gel kit will be life-changing. Hailey Bieber nails featured.

Ceremonia The Scalp Power-Duo, $40

Scalp health is the next big thing in beauty. This two-in-one set comes with a convenient scalp massager, so it’s guaranteed to make a great gift.

Westman Atelier Squeaky and Cheeky Duo II, $48

This luxurious little set is the perfect gift for anyone known to do some mischief at Sephora. Think of this versatile lip and cheek duo as a bite-sized treat.

Noel Pro Serum, $48

A premium eyebrow serum is something even a beauty fan wouldn’t expect. (But believe me: They must love it!) Another can’t-miss part of their 12-step routine.

Honest x Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer, $49

Give the gift of a spa-like experience at home with this facial steamer. It is guaranteed to transform their daily routine.

The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost, $50

This expert-backed collagen elixir is a luxurious way to elevate any morning ritual in just one anti-aging step.

Full Size Travel Makeup Brush Set, $50

We’re all guilty of letting our old beauty brushes languish for way too long in our makeup bags. It’s time to update.

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Beauty gifts under $100

Mount Lai The Jade Massaging Gua Sha Comb, $52

The perfect stress-relieving beauty tool, this thick Jade Gua Sha doubles as a comb for a therapeutic scalp massage. (And if the recipient needs to reconsider all things Gua Sha, Send them here.)

Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Set, $62

Olaplex-bun fans are on to something. Take this set off their wish list to the top shelf holy grail.

Damn Gina Silk Pillow, $65

Silk pillowcase is an everyday way to improve your nighttime rituals, skin care habits, and any hair care routine. Plus, they’ll no longer have to keep turning the pillow over to find the cool side – temperature regulated by silk, y’all! This is a gift in itself.

Hyaluronic Roller from Skin Gym, $70

Anyone serious about anti-aging needs a hyaluronic acid-infused facial roller. It’s also fun to use.

Klor Elements Relaxing Body Oil, $70

This luxurious body oil smells divine and works instantly. It’s a dream addition to any nighttime ritual.

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Spurge Beauty Gifts

Sola Wave Stick with Red Light Therapy, $149

microcurrent devices All anger. The Lifting & Sculpting Wand is a luxurious treat you can take home with you.

Vintner’s Daughter Travel Kit, $160

Vinter’s Daughter is on every skincare junkie’s top shelf. This mini set is a tempting specimen for anyone who hasn’t tried it and is a suitable travel companion for anyone who doesn’t want to risk handing their full-sized copies to the TSA.

Nion Beauty Opus Body Scrubber, $169

Do you think taking a shower is simple? Think again. This electric body scrubber is the next level shower experience for smoother, clearer skin all over.

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