40+ easy picnic food ideas


If you’re wondering what to bring to your next picnic, barbecue, or outdoor gathering, we’ve got some ideas –over 40 To be more precise.

warm weather recipes Hard to beat – there are so many delicious dishes to choose from. We’ve got over 40 easy picnic food ideas to share so you can take the guessing game out of what to bring. These recipes are great for fast food, too!

Sandwiches are delicious and easy to make, but they are too much Recipes you can easily pack for a picnic, like:

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The best fruit salad

Fruit salad is a picnic staple, and this recipe is it truly Your best ever. It’s made with a citrus-honey dressing that makes it sweet, slightly tart, and absolutely delicious. We love adding a variety of fruits to this dish.

Grape chicken salad

This easy chicken salad recipe with grapes is creamy, crunchy, and delicious. It’s perfect on its own with a side of crackers or cucumber slices, but it also makes great chicken salad sandwiches for a picnic.

Deviled eggs (3 methods)

Plain eggs are one of the first foods we think of at a summer picnic. This recipe includes a traditional version and two additional ideas using ingredients like feta, dill, turmeric, and ginger.

3 Easy Pasta Salad Dressing

If pasta salad is going to be part of a picnic spread, we have three homemade salad dressing recipes to choose from: Balsamic, Italian, and Creamy Cucumber. These dressings will elevate any pasta dish.

Classic potato salad

Potato salad is a comforting, creamy side dish—and a must-have at a summer picnic. This classic potato salad recipe is the perfect combination of soft potatoes and hard-boiled eggs with crunchy bell peppers and onions.

The best jello salad

This is a jello salad recipe from Aunt Emma’s, and it’s absolutely delicious and nostalgic! This jelly salad has a pretzel crust, creamy cheese center, and strawberry-cranberry jello topping. A must have for any picnic table.

Brownies are easy to make

Let’s talk about dessert, because it’s a vital part of the picnic spread. These one-pot brownies are easy to make and contain only five ingredients. It’s fudge in the middle with a crunchy brownie skin on top. very good.

Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a Blanket are great for a picnic, and they’re also incredibly easy to prepare. This recipe is basically two ingredients, and you can make homemade dipping sauces for them if you’d like. Kids love them too!

Taco Dip

A classic taco dip recipe made with cream cheese, sour cream, and taco seasoning. Top this amazing dip with your favorite taco toppings like shredded lettuce, cheese, tomato, and olives. Served chilled with chips.

Bread and butter pickles

Bread and butter pickles can be added to the burger, Tuna salad Or served on a cheese plate. There are many ways to enjoy these! To prepare it, you just need to mix everything in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator.

Jelly slices, watermelon slices

What is a picnic without Jello shots? Surprise your friends with watermelon jello shots actual Watermelon slices. These jello shots can be made the night before, and they’re so much fun.

Thai lettuce wrap

If you’re looking for a unique picnic dish, try the Thai Lettuce Wrap. The delicious filling for lettuce wrappers can be prepared with any protein you like, and this dish is very easy to prepare.

Home baked beans served with cornbread

Easy baked beans

If you’re looking for an easy, made-from-scratch recipe for baked beans, look no further. This baked bean recipe is hearty, delicious, and super simple. Serve with hot dogs, hamburgers, or grilled sandwiches.

shrimp dip

Shrimp dip is easy to make cold and you can serve it with chopped vegetables, crackers, or toast. It’s as creamy as tuna salad, but the bulk of the dip is made up of the salad’s shrimp. You will love it!

Classic pea salad with bacon

This classic, hearty pea salad is the perfect picnic food. It’s a creamy mix of peas, mayonnaise, bacon, and cheese, and it pairs nicely with sausage and melon. A very nostalgic recipe to enjoy on a picnic.

Lemon crinkle cookies

We have a lot of amazing Cookie recipes On the blog, but these lemon curly cupcakes are perfect for a warm-weather picnic. The lemon-flavored dough is rolled in powdered sugar and baked to perfection.

Quinoa, kale and grapefruit salad

This summer coleslaw combines red quinoa, kale, and fresh grapefruit, and is topped with a bright and simple Dijon dressing. It is filling and full of healthy and fresh ingredients.

Spicy avocado hummus

We love a good hummus recipe, and this one is perfect for a picnic. This avocado hummus is made with creamy avocado, red peppers, and jalapenos. Serve with vegetables or pita chips for a delicious snack.

Fruit and cream cheese dip (4 ways)

You’ll love one (or all) of these easy 5-Minute Cream Cheese Fruit Dips for your next picnic. Choose from vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, or caramel and serve with fresh fruit, pretzels, or vanilla wafers.

Homemade Cheeks Mix

Homemade Chex mix is ​​100% more delicious than any store-bought snack mix. This Chex mix recipe can be customized to your liking, and you can even add candy to it for a sweet and savory combo.

Egg salad (4 ways)

This is our classic egg salad recipe with three different ideas using ingredients like turmeric, ginger, feta, rosemary, and thyme. Serve any of these egg salad recipes on a croissant roll or any bread you like.

Homemade french onion sauce

Homemade French Onion has a creamy and decadent texture and the perfect blend of savory with a hint of sweet. Serve this dip with fresh veggies, crackers, or chips…then dig in!

Creamy kale, Brussels sprouts and cranberry salad

This salad features crispy kale, Brussels sprouts, sliced ​​almonds, and the bright flavor of fresh cranberries. make your own salad dressing To go with it (in a mason jar) for the perfect salad.

Black bean cream

Irresistible black bean made with black beans, cheese and salsa. This is one of those dips that you just won’t be able to stop eating because it’s so good! Serve chilled with plenty of tortilla chips.

No-bake banana cream pie

No-bake muffins are delicious, easy to make, and don’t require an oven. This amazing no-bake banana cream pie can even be made ahead of time. Top with fresh whipped cream or Cool Whip and enjoy!

Simple pasta salad

What don’t you love about pasta salad? Everyone has their own way of making it, but this pasta salad recipe is pretty classic with the addition of extra vegetables and chopped hard-boiled eggs.

Chocolate chip cookie pieces

A very simple recipe for mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies that can be baked in an 8×8 square baking pan. These bars are even more delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Smoked salmon sauce

This is a creamy and delicious dip made with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and a few simple ingredients. This picnic dive is very easy to do! Serve with pita chips, crackers, or vegetables.

Mojitos by pitcher

Mojito from the pitcher! This refreshing crowd-pleasing cocktail is perfect for a summer picnic or barbecue. This recipe tastes exactly like a Traditional mint mojito—The only difference is that it’s made in large batches

Ambrosia salad

An easy recipe for the classic Ambrosia Salad – a creamy fruit salad made with canned and whipped fruit and mini marshmallows flavored with fruit. Ambrosia salad is a fun dessert to make and enjoy!

Simple cucumber salad

Cucumber salad is very similar to a quick pickle salad, because one of the main ingredients in the dressing is vinegar. This recipe is bright and crunchy and makes a great salad or picnic side dish.

Bakery-style Rice Krispy treats

Rice Krispy is a classic no-bake dessert with a rich vanilla flavor. This is a quick and easy recipe that makes large bakery-style squares. Those bonuses won’t last long…we promise.

Fresh spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce

Spring rolls are so versatile – they are a delicious food and meal idea. We recommend using a vegetable chopper To chop vegetables quickly. Homemade peanut sauce is a must for dipping, so don’t miss it!

Easy broccoli salad

This broccoli salad only has three ingredients, plus a creamy dressing. Don’t let that fool you—it’s packed with flavor and can be customized with all sorts of toppings. It’s a great side dish for a picnic or barbecue.

Cookie dough

Our delicious cream cheese custard dough is soft, creamy, and perfect for a summer day. And the kids love it! this No-bake recipe Ready in five minutes with no Eggs or butter required. Serve with crackers, crackers, or pretzels for animals.

Radish salad sandwiches

The radish salad sandwiches have a great crunch and are slightly sweet and creamy. The sandwich is very similar to tuna salad, and it’s surprisingly tasty! This recipe can also be used as a filling for lettuce wraps.

Pink lemonade jello shots

It’s not hard to believe that Pink Lemonade is our most popular Jello Shot flavour. These are incredibly refreshing and similar to a lemon drop. These jelly shots taste amazing And Looks pretty on the picnic table.

Truffle Chef Dip (Dairy Free)

Finally, a dairy-free dip recipe! The chives truffle chip dip is made with almonds, truffle oil, yogurt, and herbs. It’s a decadent vegan dip that everyone will love — and they’ll be shocked because it’s so delicious (and so healthy too!).

Deli style tuna salad

This tuna salad recipe is simple, but really delicious deli-style, flavorful with just the right amount of crunch. We love tuna salad on sandwiches or as a dip for cucumbers and crackers.

Lisa’s Basic Oatmeal Cookies

We love our soft and chewy oatmeal cookies. These cookies are simple, but not boring. They actually are very Addictive! This cookie recipe makes a great batch and so perfect for a picnic.

Creamy pasta salad

Macaroni salad is the warm-weather version of macaroni and cheese—the ultimate comfort food! This recipe is full of vegetables and perfect for summer. It is best to do it the night before.

Easy creamy chicken sauce

A delicious homemade chicken dip recipe that combines chicken, cream cheese, and the flavor of salty soy sauce. This dive is so easy! Serve it over cucumber slices or crackers.

Peach pie favourite

Sure, homemade pancakes are more work than done Pies are not bakedbut the result So Deserves all the effort. Emma’s favorite homemade peach pie will treat any picnic sweet tooth. Make sure to serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

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