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AAW Drift CarX Racing

Welcome to version 476 of the Android Apps Weekly. Here are the headlines from the past week:

  • TikTok claims the United States is threatening To block the application if ByteDance does not fire. This is part of an ongoing drama that started a few years ago. In short, TikTok is owned by a Chinese company, which makes US regulators nervous. The app is already banned on government devices in 30 states, so this will eventually come to a head.
  • This week’s report shows that some YouTube videos They direct people to install malware. This isn’t necessarily new, but scammers have upped the game by using AI-generated people and voices to give videos a sense of legitimacy. The result is a 200-300% increase in malware installations over the past year. Click on the link to learn more.
  • India is currently fighting to remove the pre-installed apps. The Indian government is considering some new rules that would require phone manufacturers to make all pre-installed apps uninstallable. However, some applications, such as the camera application, are necessary to use the phone, so OEMs require the government to distinguish between what is important and what is not.
  • Microsoft Germany Chief Technology Officer Andreas Braun, he sat down and talked about the upcoming GPT-4. You’ve no doubt heard of GPT-3, which Microsoft now uses in Bing and Microsoft Edge. It is said that the next generation is stronger and better than the previous one. Click on the link for details.
  • Samsung is in some hot water this week. Users are accusing the tech giant of faking its iconic moonshot feature by using artificial intelligence to generate details the camera lens doesn’t capture. Samsung responded by sayingBasically, AI only enhances what’s already there and doesn’t invent details as you go. We surveyed readers, and Most agree They want good pictures of the moon without having to use artificial intelligence. This is an ongoing disaster, so we’ll keep an eye on it.

Khaled’s rise

price: Free to play

Immortal Rising is a mobile RPG with 2D dash and slash mechanics combined with idle mechanics. The graphics on this one are very pretty to look at, and they do a nice 2D silhouette job. Your hero farms goods and gets stronger the more you play. It adequately scratches that itch to collect and level up stuff, and you can definitely play this game for a while.


price: Free / $1.99 per month / $18.99 per year / $28.99 one time

Screenshot of Moment 2023

Momentory is a mindfulness journaling app. IT encourages users to express positive emotions while giving them daily and weekly goals with reminders. Additionally, the app has a decent daily blogging process that doesn’t ask a million questions. After a while, you can see your mood trends and work towards living a happier life. The app is free to use, but there is a subscription if you want to unlock all 50 categories of moods. Alternatively, you can also purchase the app once for $28.99.

Drift car racing

price: Free to play

Drift CarX Racing is an arcade game with simple controls and a simple premise. You fly around the tracks to beat your opponents. There is an emphasis on drifting to get the highest score as well. Moreover, you can customize and upgrade your car with different parts to give you an edge in any given race. The top-down view and one-finger controls work well together to make the game feel fun, and there are plenty of things for players to do. However, the game has some sloppy presentation around the edges, and the ads are a bit annoying.

Kiwi screenshot 2023

Kiwi is a music app that lets you share your musical tastes with your friends. It is not a complicated app. You and your friends all communicate through the app, and then you post what you’re listening to. Your friends can rate your music and vice versa. This looks like a niche app, but it’s a great way to discover some new music. It also gives you and your friends something to talk about. It has some bugs in terms of usability, but the idea is pretty cool. We also got a chuckle that the developer is referring to its own iPhone screen in the Google Play description.

Ace Racer

price: Free to play

Ace Racer is a new racing game from Netease. It’s a car racing game that doesn’t put much emphasis on realism. You get a car, customize it, and upgrade it like most racing games on mobile. However, the game allows you to go over the top in terms of customization, and some of the animations are very colorful. It competes with games like Asphalt 9, and is better in some ways. Mostly preference, though. This is a fun racing game, even with the free-to-play elements.

If we missed any great Android apps or games, let us know in the comments.
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