8 clever, budget-friendly hacks

Fixes for the daily annoyances of trying to dress well.

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Most men’s style tips come in several flavors:

  • Ambitious, whether the expensive clothes / those outside or the man himself
  • Outfit ideas you left trying to recreate yourself
  • Historical and cultural understanding of why something should be worn

But there is a very neglected part of the technique that we just left dealing with.

practical. Get all these different types of clothes and their quality work together on me our bodies on our way live our life This does not make it More expensive From what it really is, it is rarely mentioned.

but there be Some of the things that make trying to dress better are less frustrating.

A fashion bar for all kinds of things

Add it to the list of things women have known forever while men stumble through life annoyed by stupid clothes things. Fashion tape is like double-sided tape Specifically made for use with fabric and leather. It is commonly used to hold low cut dresses in place – DEFCON Level 1 of functionality too pass or fail. So the stakes are high for these sticky little things, which means they have to be more than up to the task for the kinds of things guys face.

Fashion Ribbon Ribbons

The uses are frankly endless. One of my favorite things to do is put my no-show socks in place for those pesky pairs that seem to always ride up and get stuck under your heels. you have one job Socks no show, come on!

Using a small piece of fashion tape on your heel, right where you want the top of the sock to stop, keeps it in place all day—meaning no more peeling and no blisters. And they’re cheap, too: each piece is about 15 cents, and in many uses you don’t even need a whole piece.

Using fashion tape to retain the style of the no-show socks

Another thing I used it for was pinning the narrow end of the tie at the back of the wide end so it wouldn’t get wicked on days I move around a lot or a wonky knot that makes the ends mismatch.

A hack style that shows a fashion tape used to close a shirt up

If you frequently find yourself limitless, fashion tape is also great for giving your collar a “2.5 button” setting. Because when the rise to the second button is too high, and the drop to the third button gives your acquaintances the splendor of chest hair, placing a small square of fashion tape midway between the third and second buttons gives you the casual, professional look you’re going for.

But if you are the type of person who regularly goes for an open collar look in professional settings, then you definitely need to check out:

Easy and effortless repair of dangling collars

Before and after photo showing the use of a slick collar

Unlike other open collar solutions on the market, Slick Collar does not require it to be permanently sewn into your shirt. Simply flip the collar up, slide it over the back of the collar, flip the collar down again, and you’re good to go. It is completely invisible and you cannot even feel its presence. He usually flies across the room when I take off my shirt at the end of the day because I’m oblivious to his presence.

It’s really impressive how well it works given how accessible and easy to use it is.

Close-up of Slick Collar

What I value in Adjustable spot collar It is the perfect product for frustrated innovation. Started by two pros in an effort to fix a problem that bothered them, the small Canadian company created and released the Slick Collar, at a reasonable price for the day-to-day behind-the-scenes task you do.

Drop collar polo with and without smooth collar
The slick collar Works with all types of collars and can help with aging elastic collars or cheaper polo

Each slick collar actually comes with two, a standard size and one for slimmer collars and can be used with all types and sizes of collars. It is the most budget friendly solution on the market that also allows you to reuse it with all your shirts. But don’t just take my word for it, Slick Collar has thousands of 4+ star reviews on Amazon.

Primer readers can try it and Save 15% with the code SLICKPRIMER.

Use the Savile Row fold so your pants don’t slip off the fold

There are three types of men: those who have to hang their clothes twice at a time because Always Slip, guys who buy special pants hangers that hold you in place, or guys who use a Savile Row fold.

Named after the streetwear of men’s tailors in London, Savile Row creates a stylish self-locking trouser lapel that works Many Better than just folding the pants over the hanger rod.

How to Hang Dress Pants with a Savile Row Fold - fold one leg over the hanger from the outside in, then fold the opposite leg over the hanger

How to fold pants with Savile Row Fold

  • Hold the pants upside down, legs lined up
  • Put the hanger between the legs of the pants
  • Fold one leg of trousers over the hanger, outside inward, until it reaches most of the way to the bottom of the trousers
  • Fold the second leg of the pants over the other from the outside inward.

Give it a good shake and be impressed!

How to hem emergency pants without stitching

Let me write a story that I’m sure you’ll relate to with a variety of:

I figured out at the last minute that you have to go for something that requires formal pants on, maybe a funeral, or a wedding, or some work function for an otherwise casual job, but the only jobs you have – or can buy in a short time – are far too long to wear. There is no time to sew.

the answer?

Before and after shortening the hem of the pants with a permanent fabric tape

Durable fabric melting tape. Like the temporary fashion tape above, but on steroids, the fabric tape is not intended to be removable. Available at your local craft store, using permanent fabric tape is really as simple as peeling, sticking, and folding.

permanent fabric tape

However, you’ll want to be methodical about it to avoid sticking wrinkles or having one side longer than the other.

Using a cloth tape to hem the pants

My recommendation is to contact your local dry cleaners and tailors to see if anyone can put pressure on you. Except, use the permanent cloth tape as a gap sealer so you can get your pants on permanently encircling the right way.

Avoid yellow spots

Have you ever shamelessly thrown away a favorite T-shirt due to yellow hole stains that you think were caused by sweating? Well, it turns out that race is Naturally odorless and colorless When you leave the sweat glands. The spoiled party begins until it mixes with the bacteria on your skin.

But this yellowing? Believe it or not this is coming from friendly fire.

When your sweat mixes with the aluminum in antiperspirant, it causes a reaction that stains the fabrics. Stain removers and laundry improvers like OxyClean can help remove some, but the best defense is a strong attack.

Close-up of antiperspirant says blac + anti-white marks and yellow spots in a degree

Looking for an antiperspirant? like this These same labels are safe for black and white clothing, and will not cause lumpy white marks on dark shirts or yellow staining on lighter shirts.

Read more about why to use your current deodorant It might not cut it.

Wrinkle Editor is already working

Before and after using wrinkle remover on a wrinkled shirt

Wrinkles are a prominent, frustrating fact in my relationship with clothing. My sluggish habits don’t seem to match the wrinkled nature of cotton. I try to get things out of the dryer right away, but even then, I still get that wrinkled, “light texture” look. Or I’m going to hardly use the “clean dresser chair” in my bedroom, squashing what should be wrinkle-free clothes under a pile of modern additions. Or maybe while traveling and dealing with the inevitable wrinkles that appear no matter how carefully you pack.

While I’m a huge fan (and frequent user) of a clothes steamer, for quick/light jobs, finishing touches, or when traveling, wrinkle release products work surprisingly well. I remember the first time I saw someone think, “Yeah, right,” but don’t you know, they have a noticeable effect and work better than just a swamp.

Simply spray and smooth wrinkles with your hands. It won’t remove tough wrinkles completely (but it can help in an emergency) but for wrinkles and textures clothes only develop through *there* they are surprisingly useful.

Close-up of Downy's Wrinkle Release Bottle

pick up travel size bottle Like these from Target to try, you’ll also be able to take them in your liquor bag when you fly.

Make laundry day less dangerous

Mesh laundry bag with socks

I wouldn’t put off doing the laundry and letting the obstructions overflow if it was just loading, waiting, switching to the dryer, and hanging. For some reason, sorting socks from the dry-cleaner — getting them out of a pile of clean clothes and trying to find a match — always seems to require more time and energy than it should.

Like a fashion bar, there is a common solution that many women use all the time.

Mesh laundry bags allow you to empty all your socks in one place, separate them from the rest of your clothes, put them in the washer and dryer and then quickly sort them in the sock drawer. They can also be used to wash delicate items such as jackets or things that can be wrapped around the machine such as shoelaces or the belt of a bathrobe. Best of all a Dirt cheap multi pack.

Re-dye your old denim to extend its life

Before and after a pair of red washed-out jeans with RIT dye

When I find a favorite pair of jeans that fits perfectly Dislikes Having to give it up and buy a new one just because it has faded and lost some of its luster.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to give your denim a new lease on life by dyeing it all over again. Pick up a bottle of RIT black clothing dye from the grocery store for less than $10. Soak in the bathtub, wash it, and go. Read More comprehensive introductory tutorial here. I’ve been doing this for years.

Do you have a practical style that makes getting dressed easier? Keep the list going in the comments!

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