9 things that helped on my first trip without my baby

two weeks ago , I asked for help Preparing for a Parenting Teacher: My First Journey Without My baby. And the CoJ community did it! She reminded me that it was natural to feel both excited and terrified, and as everyone expected, Ella and I were 100% fine during our time away. During periods of homesickness, nine things helped me stay present and enjoy my time away…

1) To prepare our hearts for three days, I decided to make Ella’s and my last day together even more fun. So, we dressed up in coordinating clothes, ate Philly steaks for dinner at the farmers market with Max, and stayed up late watching. bluish. It was pure blessing.

2) The next morning, I had one goal: a quick, painless farewell. I thought of her crying as I walked out of the corridor, my stomach hurt. So I made our goodbyes similar to leaving for the grocery store. Just a couple of hugs on the face, a pinch of the cheek and the warmth of “I love you.” But I insisted on carrying it from the house to the car, rather than saying goodbye on the doorstep. Getting her to take those few extra steps was the gentle transmission I needed.

3) I’m not kidding when I say that this is The comment section of the Cup of Jo was the character’s spell against my mom’s guilt. Anytime I started thinking, “Should I be here now?” , “Am I a bad mother?” , “I have to FaceTime…” After 2 minutes, my fears fade away and I remember I deserve to take parental breaks and it’s good to have fun without my baby!

4) “You don’t have to share that popcorn with anyone!” It was one of the first of many ideas that came to me during my trip when I realized that I was free to do whatever I wanted. I can stay up until 2am without worrying about waking up four hours later to take care of a baby. I can wait in line for popular rides without fear of dealing with a meltdown. Shoot, I can even ride all the popular rides. And I could tell all the jokes I wanted without making any words or stories “kid friendly”. trance!

5) There were four more mothers on the trip, which changed the rules of the game. I turned to them when I needed to talk about kids’ stuff, because that’s what they wanted to talk about, too. On the plane trip, I sat next to my pregnant friend Kayla and another mom named Sylvia. For the whole trip, we shared it baby equipmentAnd the Birth Stories and landmarks. These conversations stopped me.

6) There was one piece of advice everyone agreed on: No FaceTime! So, instead of video calls, my husband Max and my mother texted me daily with Ella updates. Every morning, I would wake up to a text message sharing how she slept and her itinerary for the day. Every night I receive a flood of videos and photos, which have always boosted my serotonin levels.

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7) Guilt is absurd. Because – get this – when I finally stopped feeling guilty, I felt guilty about feeling guilty in the first place. I I know. So, when that happened, I turned to another tip from the comments section; “Allow yourself to feel all the feelings.” Every time I feel bad about feeling bad at my bachelorette party, I give myself a blessing. I remember what I was feeling was normal; I am human and my feelings are correct.

8) When I was a little girl, I felt so excited and special when my grandfather came home from business trips with a little souvenir for me. I wanted to recreate that experience with Ella, so I explored the garden to find the perfect gift. At the end of the day, my friend Kayla advised me that This baby Moana set. Ella loves the movie, and I think she looks like baby Moana. It was meant to be.

9) One of the best moments of the trip was my guardian angel CoJ. The first morning I was at the airport waiting for my friends to arrive. I had just taken a selfie in the bathroom and sat at the gate eating bread. Suddenly, I heard a woman’s voice: “Hello! Are you Janelle from Cup of Jo?” I look up to see a kind face. “I read Your message about leaving EllaAnd I want you to know she’ll be fine,” she tells me. “You’re going to have a great time, and you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy your trip, you deserve it! After that meeting, I knew everything would be fine.

ideas? What was your first trip after loving kids?

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