A 2016 Tesla video of a self-driving car has already been shown

In October 2016, Tesla published Video Titled “Full Hardware for Self-Driving on All Teslas.” In the clip, which runs just under four minutes, we see the Tesla driving itself, without any visual input from the driver, on a rather long journey that includes urban streets, highways, and crossings with traffic lights.

Elon Musk Share the video enthusiastically at the time it was posted. “Tesla drives itself (no human intervention whatsoever),” he wrote on Twitter. adding That “when you want your car back, tap recall on your phone. It will find you eventually even if you’re on the other side of the country.”

But the video was shot. to me Deposited by Ashok ElswamyManager Autopilot In Tesla’s software, “the intent of the video was not to accurately depict what was available to customers in 2016. Rather, it was to depict what could be included in the system.”

In a later filing, Elluswamy clarified that “the demo was specific to some predetermined roads,” and that despite video showing the car stopping at a red light and waiting for a green light to accelerate, “the production version of Autopilot as of November 2016 was not He has the ability to accelerate in response to a traffic light. He also explained that while shooting the video, the car crashed into a fence, something that cannot be seen in the version of the video that Tesla released to the public.

a The New York Times A report from December 2021 said the video was primarily shot and the car crashed during filming, but now the information is as official as can be, coming from Tesla’s head of autopilot himself.

the edge He points out that there are other problematic parts about Elluswamy’s certification, including the Autopilot program manager not knowing some Important terms related to automated driving systems.

The main problem that arose from Elluswamy’s statement is that neither Musk nor Tesla made it clear that the “self-driving” video was staged and edited to portray Tesla’s automated driving system in a better light than it was in at the time. Keep that in mind the next time Tesla releases a video of a “self-driving” car.

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