Aaron Judge, Free Agents Spotlight on ‘Big’ Giants Offseason, Says Farhan Zaidi


Zeddy explains why the Giants are ‘big off season’ Originally appeared NBC Sports Bayara

SAN FRANCISCO – Farhan Zaidi sat with reporters for 15 minutes on Monday after the Giants’ announcement. an extension of Wilmer FloresAt the end of the session, a question was asked about the “big fellow in New York”. The Giants’ chief of baseball operations leaned against the back wall of the bunker and laughed.

“Isn’t it too early to ask that?” joked.

Not for giants fans. For most people, the switch to off-season began around mid-season, and for the rest, the 2022 season was set aside at the end of August.

infatuation with Aaron Judge It goes back much further. For a few years, he loomed as the most obvious target of the Giants’ free agent, and the team he grew up for, and that speculation has escalated since Judge turned down a lucrative pre-season extension and smartly bet himself.

Al-Zaidi knows Judge will be well ahead of the pack this off-season in terms of the players he will be asked about, and there is already a lot of discussion and speculation from players and staff. But with the Giants continuing to finish their regular season and the judge hopes to lead the team Yankees With a tour of the world championships, this is not the time to provide some details.

Instead, Al-Zaidi stuck to what he has said often over the past year, that this would be a major turn off for the organization.

“Without talking about any particular player, the word transfers has been used a lot in the past few years and that’s kind of the case for our roster,” Zaidi said. “I’ve always felt like I’m in the last off season and this off season will be big seasons for us in terms of shaping the club’s future and the shape of the squad. It’s still the case and it’s going to be a big season for us.

“We have the payroll room because we are a big market and we have contracts that expire this season, so there will be a lot of good options for us. We will not fail to deal with any player (player) whether it is through free agency or trade. I think we are looking to improve “.

This was generally the way the front office likes to cast a wide net and stay in every discussion until the end. The Giants never shut the door in a chase, something they showed most notably in 2019 when they became willing to be late for the Bryce Harper.

Chasing down the judge will be similar in terms of star power, but more difficult for unrooted suitors in New York. It’s hard to imagine the Yankees letting a potential MLS player end up elsewhere, no matter the cost.

Apart from Judge, the Free Agent category will include a lot of star power, from shooters like Jacob Degrom And the Clayton Kershaw To all the short stars like Tria TurnerAnd the Dansby SwansonAnd – most likely – Carlos Correa And the Xander Bogarts. Some of the biggest names will be current giants that the organization hopes to maintain.

Carlos Rodon could command the biggest deal of any free-agent bowler after he was introduced Si Young’s similar numbers in his first season in San Francisco. Giants too can re Jock PedersonAnd they have decisions to make on me Evan Longoria And the Brandon belt.

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No matter what happens with the judge, there is a file Many of work to be done off season. A year after taking home the NL West title, the Giants will enter this weekend’s series against Dodgers With a deficit of 29 1/2 games. For a 69-74 club, it would be an uphill run only to finish this season at 0.500.

“Obviously the way this season has gone is not acceptable to any of us,” Al-Zaidi said. “We see ourselves as a team that should be in the playoffs every year at this juncture. We will be excited to look for ways to improve.”

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