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© Reuters. Accenture CEO at the launch of the Metaverse platform with partner Microsoft
  • The World Economic Forum, Accenture (NYSE:) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:) are partners to launch the Metaverse platform.
  • The Accenture CEO spoke about the use cases of the Global Collaboration Village with CNBC.
  • She shared the platform that will help social workers, case workers, firefighters and the general public to train for difficult situations.

The World Economic Forum partnered with Accenture and Microsoft to launch a new metaverse platform, Global Collaboration Village, yesterday. The platform aims to educate organizations about the metaverse while providing solutions to current pressing problems.

Accenture CEO Julie Sweet joined CNBC’s Squawk Box as they discussed the platform further. When asked about the Global Collaboration Village, Sweet begins with a “metaverse with a general purpose, total killer app.” She also adds that governments are “crazy” about it.


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