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© Reuters. Adidas launches its first wearable digital collection

Adidas (OTC:) is embracing Web 3.0 by launching an Ethereum-based version NFT collection It’s called the Genesis group. The new range of digital wearables is designed to encapsulate virtual avatars.

Wearable Digital Devices Group

The German sportswear giant debuted its digital wearable collection, consisting of 16 items: biker jackets, hoodies, and bomber jackets. /// Studio (Three Stripes Studio) of the brand developed the collection.

Each item in the latest NFT offering is designed to be worn by virtual avatars. It is accessible through the PFP locker tool and is interoperable across different metaverse environments.

Owners of the “Adidas Originals: Capsule NFT Collection,” which launches in May 2022, will be able to randomly generate one of 16 new wearable digital NFTs to replace their NFT capsule by “burning” it. Anyone else interested in the “Virtual Gear” collection can purchase virtual goods through NFT marketplaces.

As a bonus, community members who also own a compatible NFT partner pool, such as BAYC, MAYC, or Inhabitants, will be able to ‘dress up’ the NFT with virtual wearables from the new pool, using the PFP tool that will be available soon.

It’s not Adidas’ first attempt to enter the Web 3.0 field. In 2021, Adidas has acquired land within the virtual world of Sandbox and launched an NFT collection in collaboration with Punks Comics, Gmoney, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

More fashion stickers are embracing web 3.0

Adidas isn’t the only fashion brand interested in Web 3.0. PUMA, Prada (OTC:), American Eagle (NYSE:), and Tommy Hilfiger are the latest brands in the fashion retail industry including NFT and related technologies.

Louis Vuitton has released Louis The Game, a puzzle adventure game in which players can collect NFTs. It was the company’s first serious effort at Web 3.0.

in 2021, Nike (NYSE:), one of the strongest digital fashion brands in the metaverse to date, has acquired RTFKT Studios, which has a strong presence in the NFT community. The acquisition gave Nike access to a leading fashion digital brand and a CloneX-ready metaverse.

on the flip side

  • Adidas is catching up to its main competitor, Nike. The latter has established a strong presence in the digital world and has successfully embraced NFT technology. Nike and Adidas have engaged in a fierce rivalry that has affected the sportswear industry for nearly 60 years. They tried to design and outsourcing each other to dominate the now $310 billion global sporting goods market.

Why should you bother

The initial hype around NFTs is decreasing. However, the technology finds its place in the gaming and metaverse industries. Having a basic use case makes the value of digital acquisition stable. As the world of technology awaits the coming of the metaverse, avatar clothing and fashion may become essential aspects of the fashion business.

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