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One of Apple’s biggest ads At their ‘Far Out’ event, when they launched the iPhone 14 series, was the new emergency satellite communication feature that they announced. No doubt about it, but it was one of the most important and impactful new features that Apple added to its smartphones this year.

It looks like Samsung will follow suit and offer a similar feature.

After Apple, Samsung will also provide emergency satellite connectivity for some Galaxy devices

As expected, the major Android smartphone manufacturers will be adding this feature to their upcoming smartphones. We learned earlier this month that Google will enable this feature on Android soonSo, manufacturers can put the necessary hardware into their devices, although we still don’t know if the upcoming Pixel 7 series will have this feature.

A recent report indicates that the South Korean tech giant is looking to make this feature available in their premium smartphones by next year. In all likelihood, this will be limited to their flagship devices, so one can expect to see the feature first in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Meanwhile, some reports also claim that Huawei will introduce the feature in the upcoming Mate 50 series. However, it should be noted that a lot of countries have banned Huawei devices, including network devices and smartphones due to security concerns, so it should be interesting to see how to solve this.

Samsung tends to team up with Elon Musk to bring this feature to Galaxy devices. Musk’s Starlink satellite services are available in many countries which should help the South Korean tech giant with a hassle-free implementation.

On the other hand, Apple has partnered with Globalstar for its SOS Satellite emergency calling feature and it will start rolling out in Canada and the US by the end of this year. Other countries may start to support the feature, depending on local governments, after certain legal obligations and requirements are met.


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