AI-generated videos could be the next big thing as Microsoft confirms the unveiling of GPT-4

since chatLaunched back in 2022, we’ve seen it implemented in a variety of places and spurred the development of other large language models (LLMs). Now it looks like we could be in store for a new, more powerful version of OpenAI’s AI technology. Microsoft confirmed that GPT-4 will arrive next week and could open up “completely different capabilities”.

While attending an event called AI in Focus – Digital Kickoff, Andreas Braun, CTO of Microsoft Germany, talked about GPT-4 and its upcoming unveiling (via Hess). According to Braun, the next iteration of GPT will be shown next week and will allow users to create new types of AI-generated content.

We’ll be introducing GPT-4 next week, where we have multimedia models that offer completely different capabilities – for example, videos.

The current version of ChatGPT uses GPT-3.5 and is limited to text answers. This limitation will go away in the next iteration. GPT-4 is said to be a major update as multimedia models will provide a significant boost in power. As mentioned earlier, this additional power will allow things like AI-generated videos and other content.

Microsoft and OpenAI have formed a close partnership to jointly work on improving AI capabilities. This allowed Microsoft to release a new version of Bing and Edge browser Powered by ChatGPT. However, the artificial intelligence that Microsoft uses is a proprietary technology called Prometheus. Given that Brown talked about the upcoming update to OpenAI, it’s a testament to how close the two companies are.

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