Alabama basketball records could be broken after a strong start to the season

Alabama basketball made history when it rose to No. 2 in the Associated Press and USA Today Coaches poll on Monday.

It was the first time in over 20 years that the Crimson Tide had risen to such heights on the national stage since the 2002-2003 season when they became the top team in the nation just before Christmas. As Alabama aspires to become the top team in the country with another perfect week, here’s a look at four records the team could break thanks to its fast start to the 2022-23 season.

Most wins in a single season: 28 (1986-87)

Does Alabama break the record? yes

It’ll be close because Alabama only has 12 games left on the schedule, but this Crimson Tide spinoff is playing the best basketball in program history. While Alabama has been playing well so far, he will have to take on Tennessee on the road and then make it home and home annually with Auburn. Both teams were seeded at the start of the season and maintained their level going into conference play.

Now if Alabama can’t break the record by the end of the season, there’s a chance for the team to pick up the wins during the postseason to make up the difference. However, as Nate Oates and Alabama basketball fans are keenly aware, the postseason poses different challenges than the regular season. Teams that might have been easier to beat during the season have an extra level of motivation to beat Alabama in March. Despite that, with Alabama playing so far this season, he should set the mark for most wins in a season.

Undefeated conference record: 1956

Does Alabama break the record? number

Remember that stretch where Alabama had to play Tennessee on the road and then play home and home with Auburn before the season ended? This is just a brutal stretch as not only are both teams likely to be ranked when the Crimson Tide come to town, but both teams have a combined 18-1 record at home. The only loss was when Tennessee fell to a resurgent Kentucky division as the Volunteers lost by seven.

According to KenPom, Tennessee and Auburn both sit in the top 10 in modified defensive efficiency which will represent Alabama’s toughest defensive test since defeating Houston on the road earlier this season.

Latest Alabama leading scorer with 20 points: Michael Ansley, 20.4 (1988-89)

Will Alabama have an average player of 20 or more points? yes

It is rare for teams to have a player average 20 or more points over the course of a year. Throughout its 110-year history, 16 players have averaged 20 or more points per season. Names like Reggie King, Wendell Hudson, and Leon Douglas sprinkle the list but it’s been more than 30 years since Alabama has had a player cross that plateau.

That includes Colin Sexton who averaged more than 19 points per game in 2017 but his 20-point haul in his only season with the Crimson Tide. However, Alabama may need to make room for another name – Brandon Miller.

The rookie phenom is averaging 19.8 points per game so far and has already shown flashes of brilliance, especially on offense. Miller must finish above the 20-point-per-game mark and with 12 games left he has plenty of time to cross the plateau.

Last five-time Alabama draft pick: Antonio McDyess (1995)

Will Alabama graduate from a top five pick? yes

While that’s just a lost conclusion at this point, Miller’s dominance this season has ensured he’s a lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Miller is one of six Division I players, the only SEC player, and the only freshman in the country to score 360 ​​points and 150 rebounds this season that pushed him into the top 20 in scoring.

With Drew Timm, John Calipari, and others raving about Miller’s skill, one can safely assume he’ll be the next great player to leave Alabama for the NBA.

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