Alameda’s $38 Billion IRS Invoice, Do Kwon Started in Assets, Milady Madness: Asia Express By Cointelegraph


Alameda’s $38 Billion IRS Bill, Do Kwon Started in Assets, Milady’s Madness: Asia Express

According to another shoot Posted by FTX’s bankruptcy claims agent, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), claims a total of $44 billion in bankruptcies from the exchange and related companies, including $38 billion against sister quantitative trading firm Alameda Research. In one claim, the IRS assessed $20.4 billion in unpaid partnership and payroll taxes against Alameda Research LLC.

Founded in September 2017 by Sam Bankman-Fried and Tara Mac Aulay, with Caroline Ellison as CEO, Alameda has been headquartered in Hong Kong and has raised up to $5 billion. deals daily at its peak. Hong Kong does not tax capital gains. However, being US citizens, its founders and CEOs are required to pay taxes on their global income regardless of where they live and how many days they actually spend in the US each year, according to the highly unusual US tax by citizenship system.

An alleged $20.4 billion IRS claim against Alameda Research circulated this week. (Twitter)
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