Alec Manoah says Gerrit Cole is the “worst cheater” in MLB

Even in the off-season, Toronto Blue Jays star Alec Manoah can't help talking trash.  (Getty Images)

There is no love lost between Alec Manoah and Gerrit Cole.

The Toronto Blue Jays have joined the NBA superstar Serge Ibaka On the The latest episode of Sportsnet’s “How hungry are you?” A mini feature and spilled the tea on some baseball-related questions with the former Raptor.

Before the couple enjoy cricket tea and a dish consisting of fish sperm, Ibaka asks Manoah who thinks the worst cheater is baseball. The 24-year-old quickly replied with Cole, The New York Yankees star pitcher, who was under heavy scrutiny for his alleged use of a spiderweb in previous seasons.

“Geret Cole,” said Manoh. “He used a lot of sticky stuff to improve his pitches, and he was kind of called out.”

The relationship between Manoah and Cole reached a point Boiling point in August, as things took off between the All-Star pitchers after outfielder Aaron Judge was hit with an inside ball. However, nothing materialized at all, except for some yelling back and forth.

After the game, Manoah responded to Cole’s reaction by saying, “I think if Gerrit wants to do something, he can pass the Odie sign next time,” referring to the advertisement in front of the dugout.

Baseball fans shouldn’t wait any longer for the right-handed club’s next showdown versus the New York Yankees, as the Blue Jays will visit the Bronx April 21-23. So, hopefully everyone will be treated to a match between Manoah and Cole.

Manoah, a 6-foot-6, 260-pound pitcher, also told Ibaka he wanted a teammate Vladimir Guerrero Jr. — who stands 6-foot-2 and 250 pounds — is by his side if he gets into an actual fight. The duo would probably be fine.

As for any of his teammates in Manoah’s team, he was running and hiding from the fighting? You’ll likely see Ross Stripling avoid any scraps, at least according to the 2022 American League Final Cy Young.

The 2022 All-Stars are quickly becoming superstars — on and off the field — all over the sports scene. It also helps that he’s not afraid to speak his mind whenever he gets the chance.

Last season, Manoah hit 196.2 innings over 31 starts, and posted a 2.24 ERA and 3.35 FIP during his second season in the big league. It was also worth a career best 4.1 fWAR.

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