Amazon Alexa gets compelling ads as answers

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Amazon Alexa He is one of the most widely used virtual assistants, and will soon take a new approach to make his answers more accurate. How might you ask? By asking brands for help – as opposed to offering some brands, of course.

Amazon has officially announced a new Alexa feature called “Customers Ask Alexa,” which allows brands to enter their own answers to common questions users ask, rather than pulling those answers from the internet or from Alexa’s group answers.

They will, in a way, be ads disguised as answers, presumably only appearing when someone asks something relevant to that brand. When an answer to a question comes from a brand, it will be clarified and the answer will be attributed to that specific brand. All answers will be subject to content moderation and quality checks, and brands won’t be able to pay for answers, so in theory, these two things should prevent brands from abusing the system. Of course, though, that will depend on how good or bad those checks are.

If the system is implemented correctly, it may be a way to organize the answers to some questions, and thus improve them. And in the process, brands can get exposed. Everyone wins.

Branded answers will start appearing on Amazon search results by the end of this year, while Alexa should start reading them by the beginning of next year.

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