American School has the lights on 24/7 and 365: Smart lights have been broken since 2021

Minnechaug Regional High School.
Zoom in / Minnechaug Regional High School.

Minnechaug Regional High School

Lights glow at Minnechaug Regional High School in Massachusetts. They actually never turn off. that they I can not turn it off. The entire building’s smart lighting system is down, and it’s stuck in the on position. It seems it was that way Over a year nowElectricity bills are already piling up.

β€œWe fully understand that this is costing taxpayers a significant amount of money,” said the school district’s assistant superintendent of finance, Aaron Osborne, NBC News. “We have done everything we can to solve this problem.”

The school’s entire “green lighting system”, some 7,000 lights, was installed more than a decade ago and has been supposed to save money, but according to the report, β€œthe software he was working on failed on August 24, 2021,” and no one was able to turn off the lights for the next 17 months. Teachers adjust by unplugging light bulbs at the end of the day and throwing in some breakers that aren’t connected to vital parts of the school. It was also difficult to dim the lights to show movies or whatever is shown on the board: the lights are fully on all the time.

So did news editor Lily DeGrande, who wrote for Minishag’s student newspaper, The Smoke Signal Some great reports about the situation a month after it began. The smart lighting company that installed the lights over 10 years ago, 5th Light, has apparently changed hands a few times now and is currently owned by a company called Reflective lighting. As Smoke Signal reports, what’s left of the 5th Light no longer has access to the old proprietary software to fix anything, so “fixing” the system means replacing it with new hardware.

The problem with new parts is that all of this was in the middle of a pandemic and a massive chip shortage, so parts were reordered and delayed several times. The system overhaul was originally supposed to start in February 2022, but they can’t get the parts. The next missed date was October 2022, and the school doesn’t expect a fix until February 2023. The lights are still on.

A lesson in proper smart building design

Even if you’re not responsible for lighting design for a giant building, there’s a valuable lesson here for anyone involved in smart home/building technology: Make the technology addition To set you up, not a file Accreditation. You still need to install physical light switches in each room, but as a bonus, you can opt for light switches that can also be controlled via some kind of network. All types of smart light switches meet this requirement – normal oars or even switch They can also be controlled via Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, maybe Ethernet or whatever you like. In this way, if the Internet goes down, some servers explode, or some cloud companies turns offthe lights will still work.

What are you sure should not be The do is to keep electricity connected and then hopefully the network to the light fixtures or light bulbs is there to turn them off. Apparently that’s what happened at this school, and now the taxpayers are paying the price.

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