Andre Blake’s heroes carry five stripes

Atlanta United extended their unbeaten run to three games with a goalless draw at home to Philadelphia Union on Saturday.

After their back-to-back wins over Toronto FC and Orlando City, the Five Stripes looked confident they could keep fighting their way back. MLS Playoffs competition.

However, despite all their endeavours, Atlanta We could not open the file union. Juan Burrata’s header from a corner kick from goal and Thiago Almada’s shot from long range represented their best effort in the first half.

After the break, Etihad goalkeeper Andre Blake had to work even harder, as he cleared Brooks Lennon’s shot and Dom Dwyer rebounded from close range – with a little help from central defender Jacob Gleesnes.

Blake’s best save of the match came at the end when he stopped Joseph Martinez’s header at the far post, inside his six-yard box.

Although they would be frustrated taking just one match point, Atlanta United can encourage Al Ittihad – who currently leads the overall standings – to deny a single shot on goal and outshine them 1.26-0.16 in terms of xG. This may be the best performance of the season from Gonzalo Pineda’s men.

Temporarily, at least, Atlanta United are now just one point away from the MLS Cup playoff points. Meanwhile, Union is three points ahead LAFC In the Shield Fans Race but they played one extra match.

Read on for full player reviews of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Goalkeeper: Raul Godino – 6/10 – He hardly had anything to do.

Right-back: Ronald Hernandez – 7/10 – Save a lot of energy on the right flank, getting up and up relentlessly.

Central Defence: Juan Burata – 7/10 – Another strong performance by a player who quickly looks at his home in Atlanta.

CB: Alain Franco – 8/10 – Franco’s recent improvement has been dramatic and this has been an almost flawless performance.

Left-back: Andrew Gutman – 6/10 – Always tried to be positive with the ball, but it didn’t pay off like it did lately.

CM: Santiago Sosa – 8/10 – Another great performance, hitting the ball all over the field. It also provided good armor for Atlanta’s defense.

CM: Amar Sejdic – 7/10 – Sejdic’s decision-making sometimes seems too slow, but he makes up for it with his work rate and his refusal to hide from the ball. It is very unfortunate that you hit the post with a shot from distance.

Right winger: Brooks Lennon – 7/10 – He appears to be enjoying his new role on the winger, where he can access more cross-country positions and test defenders one-on-one.

Attacking midfielder: Thiago Almada – 6/10 – Showed flashes of brilliance but this, unfortunately, was the quietest Almada game in a while.

LW: Luiz Araujo – 4/10 – Another disappointing performance. He keeps promising a lot but delivers very little.

Striker: Dom Dwyer – 5/10 – came very close to scoring shortly after the break and probably should have scored. It was reduced to chasing loose balls and trying to make room for others.

Sub: Ronaldo Cisneros (68 minutes to Doerr) – 5/10 – He worked hard but did not change the match.

SUB: Edwin Mosquera (68′, for Araujo) – 7/10 – was like a stick of dynamite off the bench. Totally unpredictable and did everything to take the game to the Federation.

SUB: Mateus Rossetto (78′, for Sejdic) – 6/10 – neat and tidy but nothing spectacular.

Sub: Joseph Martinez (78 minutes, for Hernandez) – 6/10 – came very close to winning the match but his header in the fall was brilliantly turned away by Andre Blake.

Goalkeeper: Andre Blake – 9/10 – He came up with a few huge balls to keep his sheets clean. man of the match.

Right-back: Olivier Mbezzo – 5/10 – was pushed back for the greater part of the match and struggled to keep Atlanta United in trouble.

CB: Jacob Gleeson – 8/10 – He made a huge block to Deny Dwyer and was a rock in the heart of the Etihad defence throughout.

Central Defence: Jack Elliott – 8/10 – was excellent alongside Gleesnes. Nothing crossed it.

Left-back: Kai Wagner – 7/10 – Tested by Hernandez and Lennon but did well.

DM: Jose Martinez – 7/10 – strong and hard working than ever. He tried his best to disrupt the flow of the Atlanta United midfield.

CM: Jack McGlynn – 5/10 – is neat and tidy on the ball, but he’s sure to have more touching games.

CM: Leon Flach – 6/10 – Played a quiet game in possession but worked relentlessly for his team.

Attacking midfielder: Daniel Gazdag – 6/10 – Nowhere near the level we’d come to expect from Gzdag, but the Hungarian are still under Atlanta United.

Attacker: Mikael Aher – 4/10 – was sent off by Franco and Buratta.

Striker: Julian Carranza – 6/10 – Very aloof but never stopped running or trying to win the ball for the Union.

SUB: Corey Burke (67 minutes for Carranza) – 6/10 – A few gritty moments but it didn’t really scare Atlanta.

SUB: Nathan Harrell (76′, for Mbaizo) – 5/10 – had a hard time dealing with the vibrant Mosquera. Gave as good as earned.

SUB: Chris Donovan (87′, for Uhre) – N/A – No time to change the game.

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