Andy Crosby & Blake Kuhre of SWIM says brands can take advantage of Web2.5 as a bridge to Web3


The popularity and success of Web 3 remains exclusive to a select few, especially those who are already well versed in the technology. However, it is undeniable that consumer brands are already using their advantages to stand out from the competition and establish a stronger connection with the consumer.

swimming It is a revolutionary technology company that removes the possibility of moving from Web2 to Web3. SWIM enables brands and content creators to create stronger communities by leveraging each of the benefits of these ecosystems.

Why Web2.5 is the answer, according to SWIM

Despite the great benefits of Web3, new technologies still involve a certain degree of uncertainty. One of the main reasons why mass adoption is currently blocking is that the user experience of Web3 technologies is currently not as friendly as Web2. Another challenge for those who want to take advantage of it is figuring out what happens next.

SWIM describes Web2.5 as the transition period between Web2 and 3, or that “safe zone” where it feels like things are done differently but is still quite familiar. It makes it beneficial for individuals and businesses to explore the advantages of Web3 while still using what is mainstream.

“Centralized legacy platforms continue to look for new ways to monetize creator content,” says Blake Kuhre, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at SWIM. “Audiences and creators today need something more than just to be entertained, they want to walk away from the experience with learning something new, and be rewarded for their time and attention.” 

This is where SWIM comes in, empowering brands and the inclusive economy of innovators through sustainable and stimulating ecosystems that leverage blockchain technology. As a result, brands and content creators can continue to use their platforms to reach their target audience, and the enhanced approach paves the way for people to have more than just the product or content they know and love.

The new system allows brands to promote better audience and consumer engagement, retention, and loyalty through exciting and immediate rewards, without worrying about the risks to Web2 channels.

“A user can earn real rewards in real-time through content consumption without conventional app stores or payment processors,” shares Andy Crosby, Co-Founder and Chief Tokenomics Officer at SWIM.

Other than that, Crosby also makes it clear that brands and content creators can take advantage of the possibility of creating a membership community of loyal enthusiasts where they can be given exclusive access, rights, and experiences.

about swimming

Hollywood swimming Web2 and Web3 bridge the gap with a rewards-based architecture by enabling users with more control, rewarding them in proportion to the value they contribute, and lowering the bar, so the blockchain is more accessible than just margin access.

The SWIM ecosystem is chain-neutral, with rich tokens, customization, and flexibility for brands moving from Web2 to Web3. SWIM also unlocks the benefit and provides real ownership rights to end users through smart tokens, smart contracts, community building, integration, and cross-chain management. The company has involved nearly a dozen brands ranging from lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, music, gaming, hospitality, and CPG. SWIM has the backing of prominent funds including BridgeTower Capital, Matterblock and Galaxy Digital as a strategic advisor.

For more information about the company and its upcoming projects, visit its official website at the address To learn more about SWIM investors, visit And the


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