Andy Robertson admits he dreams of playing for Celtic

Andy Robertson admitted that he dreamed of playing for Celtic in the early years of his career.

Robertson was a member of Celtic’s youth academy before leaving for Queens Park at the age of 15 and is a fan of the club.

When he was young, he dreamed of playing for the team during the best years of his career and admits that he still thinks of that dream when he watches them.

Every time I watch CelticHe said on the Currie Club podcast on BT Sport.

“When you watch them and you see a Celtic park crowded…as a fan, you always have that dream. Ideally, I want to finish my career here at Liverpool. If I can stay at the top of my game, at the top of the tree for my entire career, that’s the path I want to be.” I take it.

“But also, when I look at Celtic and when I was growing up, I thought I wanted to give them my best years. When I was at Queens Park, I dreamed of continuing to play for Celtic and I always dreamed of giving my best years to Celtic.

“And now I don’t want to go as a 34- or 35-year-old man my uncles started hating because I can’t move anymore! Time will tell. I’m someone who lives in the moment.”

Robertson did not leave Celtic by choice but was released due to the physical weakness the club felt at the time.

“Height was a part of it, and so was the physique – I wasn’t completely about muscle. I was released at a time when there was a lot of change in Celtic. A large number of players of all age groups were released” Liverpool said the man.

“It’s not good or broken but at the time there were two options – go football full time or be released. There is nowhere else to turn.”

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