Apple unveiled a new full-size HomePod with spatial audio and texture support

Apple HomePod


  • Apple has announced a new full-size HomePod.
  • The second generation HomePod introduces a host of new features.
  • Pre-orders start today for $299, but won’t be available until February 3, 2023.

Apple discontinued the original HomePod in 2021 after poor sales, instead deciding to move forward with more affordable devices. HomePod mini. Now, Apple is taking another shot at the full-size HomePod.

Today, Cupertino is a juggernaut reveal New and refurbished full-size HomePod. The second generation smart speakers are said to be packed with Apple innovations and Siri intelligence.

One such innovation appears to be an upgrade to the device’s audio equipment. According to the company, the speaker has a custom-designed high-speed tweeter, a 20mm diaphragm-driven driver, a built-in bass-EQ mic, and a five-woofer array. This hardware also joins the S7 chip that Apple says delivers a more advanced computational audio that maximizes the full potential of the system.

One of the features the tech giant has added to the device is room sensing which is said to allow the HomePod to recognize reflections of sound to see if a wall is next to it or if it is standing on its own. Apple says this allows the HomePod to adapt the sound in real time. In addition, the system is capable of spatial audio and can be linked to other HomePod or HomePod speakers.

In terms of intelligence, Apple says the new HomePod can use Siri to enable smart home automation. Some examples provided by the company include checking the temperature and humidity in your home and getting smoke or carbon monoxide alarm alerts.

The smart speaker is also designed to support the smart home standard Thing. This means that it will work with other smart home gadgets using the Matter standard such as light bulbs, doorbells, and cameras.

If you want one for yourself, it will cost you $299. Apple says it accepts orders from And in the Apple Store app starting today for Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and 11 other countries and regions. But the device will not be physically available until February 3, 2023.

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