Apple will offer you $970 for a $52,000 Mac Pro

What is this nonsense?! If you’ve ever taken something to a pawn shop/merchant, you’ll probably know the pain of being offered a fraction of what you paid. But imagine handing over $52,000 for a Mac Pro and discovering that it’s a replacement value of $970 after just four years. Who would commit such a blatant fraud? Step forward, Apple.

You may remember when Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro at its WWDC event in 2019. Designed for professionals, 3D artists, musicians, video editors, and other creatives, it starts at $5,999, but those who want higher specs can push that number up. More than $50,000.

David Emile, a researcher for Marques Brownlee’s tech YouTube channel, wrote on Twitter that they tried pricing the $52,199 Mac Pros in the company’s office to determine their commercial value. The hardware, with Intel Xeon W processors and dual Radeon Pro W6800X graphics, can still be purchased from Apple’s website for the same price, so one would expect Apple to offer a fair amount of that money for trade-offs. Unfortunately, the company thinks $970 is a reasonable amount.

Accepting Apple’s offer could mean the Mac Pro has dropped more than 98% in price since it was purchased in 2019. You can always put the money Apple is offering towards a new iPhone 14 Pro or a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, though you will. to pay the difference as both devices cost more than $970.

Apple applies these generous trade-in offers to more than just the Mac Pro. Another person tweeted that they were offered $720 for a late 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max, while a Redditor books That base M1 Pro laptop retails for $725, representing a 63.7% drop in value in just one generation.

Apple is not alone in this kind of behavior, of course. Most companies will offer stupidly low exchange rates on expensive items that are only a few years old – they are usually better off selling on eBay. But companies sometimes run promotions where buyers are offered generous sums for their old devices if they buy a particular product. Samsung, for example, progress Up to $1,200 off the Galaxy Z Fold 3 And The Galaxy Watch is free when you trade in an old device, even if it’s broken.

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