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Apple announced a new version HomePod second generation Speaker this week, and now there are new rumors that the smart screen based on the iPad is coming. If there is a new report from bloomberg Minute, Apple’s upcoming iPad could double as a smart display.

This is amazing Not the first time We’ve heard reports and rumors about one of Apple’s smart display products, but with a new HomePod, the company could be preparing for a major push to take on Samsung, Amazon, and Google in our homes.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says a new batch of Apple smart displays is on the way, starting with a “low-end iPad” to controlling all those smart home gadgets. It will reportedly be attached to walls and surfaces using magnets and has a FaceTime camera, but don’t expect more than basic smart home controls. Gurman says it’s more of a home device than a tablet.

This looks somewhat similar to Google’s new Pixel Tablet, which is supposed to debut at Google I/O in May, though this product also looks like a full-featured tablet that comes with an optional smart dock. Then, there’s also Amazon with its slew of Echo Show smart home products, such as Big Echo Show 15.

We’re unsure if the rumored Apple device can be detached from its mounting bracket and used like a regular iPad or if it will even run on iPadOS, so we’ll have to wait and see. Consider Apple Article supportsthe new global smart home standard, it only makes sense to start launching more products in this category.

The report mentions that Apple could even introduce larger smart home screen options at a later date, but with any report like this, only time will tell.

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