Applied Cells Inc. enters. and GenScript are in a strategic collaboration to provide joint solutions for cell therapy development

November 18, 2022. Today, Applied Cells Inc. and GenScript USA Incorporated for their strategic collaboration to provide combined cell isolation solutions for cell therapy drug development worldwide. Under this collaboration, GenScript will develop and supply its own research and research-grade cytoSinct™ cGMP reagents For use in the development of CAR-T and other cell therapy products on MARS applied cells® a program.

GenScript has years of experience in bead development and its own technology knowledge in nanoparticle development. Their CytoSinct™ reagents use perfected nanoparticles, high quality antibodies and optimized conjugation chemistry to enable high specificity and sensitivity in cell selection. MARS Applied Cells® The platform uses column-free magnetic separation technology and introduces an automated closed system for the cell selection process. Mars® The platform provides the cell therapy industry with the long-awaited ability to move from an R&D workflow to the development of a manufacturing-scale process with consistent, repeatable performance and the ability to customize.

Integration of CytoSinct™ reagents into MARS® The platform provides a complete solution for streamlined workflows and highly efficient results for research and cell separation on an industrial scale. GenScript and Applied Cells will support GMP-compliant certification of cell therapy products developed using this innovative solution.

We are excited to collaborate with GenScript on adapting CytoSinct™ reagents and developing additional clinical reagents for use with MARS.® a program. By combining the advantages of MARS® platform and CytoSinct™ reagents, we provide more productive, better performing and lower cost solutions, to meet evolving customer needs in this rapidly growing field. Our team will work diligently with GenScript colleagues to bring our solutions around the world, and help accelerate life-saving benefits from cell therapies that are becoming more affordable for everyone.”

Dr. Yuchen Zhu, CEO of Applied Sales

GeneScript is committed to improving human health. We are honored to partner with Applied Cells using CytoSinct™ reagents and also develop additional clinical-grade reagents for MARS® platform,” said Dr. Hong Qian, COO of GenScript Life Science Group. “By uniting the strengths of CytoSinct™ and MARS reagents® It allows us to work more efficiently and productively, and thus provides us with the means to reach our goal in the burgeoning field of cellular therapy. We will do everything we can to work with Applied Sales to provide our world with an alternative solution at a lower cost and higher quality in order to benefit human health globally.”

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