Are high heels appropriate for the office?

A collage of 6 shoes with whimsical, sculpted, and interesting heel shapes

Smart architect interesting Stilettos are a trend right now – but are they for all offices? Let’s discuss.

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Pictured above: All Saints / Ferragamo / renal / Kat Maconie

As a reminder, these are some of the high heels we introduced recently. The metal stiletto heel of All Saints caused some controversy in the comments – there were many who didn’t really like the look.

The same can be said for Chloe’s shoes, the socks — people loved them but l heels.

However, these are some of the more clunky but interesting shoes for work that I see – some wild ones include the following:

Pictured above: Fendi / Kate Berry / Jeffrey Campbell // Kate Berry / Louie / Saint Laurent

What are your thoughts, readers? If some fit, but not all, where do you think the boundary lines are (other than “being able to walk in them”)?

For me. $02: I’d argue that the shoes on top ground the least in office attire (the “work heels with a twist!” kind of thing), while the shoes on the bottom are a little further out.

(the Lowe’s group They’re so fun to look at, fwiw — in addition to roses like above, they use nail polish bottles, lipstick, and a bar of soap for the heel shape.)

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