Are we still mad at MetaMask and ConsenSys for snooping on us? By Cointelegraph

The cryptocurrency community tends to focus on a new problem every few weeks and then promptly forget about it. The limited scope of interest of this society misses the ultimate solution to important issues. During the Thanksgiving holiday in November 2022, ConsenSys released Privacy Policy Disclosure Affecting MetaMask Users Who Send “Crypto Twitter” In Firestorm. My first reaction was also negative.

The MetaMask browser extension wallet uses a node called Infura. This node is owned by ConsenSys, the same company that develops MetaMask. The press release reminded users that Infura collects the Internet Protocol (IP) and wallet addresses of users who connect their MetaMask wallet to Infura. Also remind them that MetaMask users don’t have to use Infura, which is only default, and that MetaMask allows connection to other public node providers like Alchemy or Ankr.

JW Verrett Associate Professor in the Antonin Scalia School of Law, George Mason University. He is a forensic accountant who practices cryptography and also practices securities law at Lawrence Law LLC. He is a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board Advisory Board and a former member of the SEC Investors Advisory Committee. He also leads the Crypto Freedom Lab – a think tank that campaigns for policy change to preserve the freedom and privacy of crypto developers and users.

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