Arsenal Hymn lyrics, original and video

Arsenal under Mikel Arteta are currently winning football matches with the versatility and authority of the club’s top club under Arsene Wenger.

Wenger has guided the club to great heights during his long tenure, and after years of underperformance in the wake of his departure (a decline that began towards the end of his reign), Arsenal have found a manager capable of building on Wenger’s unquestionable legacy. .

But there was a time when Arsenal didn’t win with the skill or style of their current iteration. In fact, the Gunners were so boring not so long ago that the fans sang sarcastically to celebrate their melancholy.

Here’s how the “1-0 to Arsenal” chant came about.

zero to arsenal,
zero to arsenal,
zero to arsenal,
zero to arsenal,
Nothing in Arsenal!

The history of ‘1-0 to Arsenal’ dates back to the latter stages of George Graham’s tenure as manager in the early 1990s. Some believe that the chanting began amidst the 1-0 victory over Manchester City in September 1992, while others are of the opinion that it was not until March 1994, when Arsenal They met Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final, where the cheer was sung into existence.

Graham’s focus on a tough defense meant Arsenal weren’t exactly the free-flowing side, and they picked up a knack for winning games 1-0. The supporters have sung in derision and celebration ever since.

melody of the hymn Go west by Village People, first released in 1979. The Pet Shop Boys revived the song at the time carols became popular in Highbury (1992/1993) and it later became a hit.

The version of the Pet Shop Boys song is said to have been played in the first half of the aforementioned match against Paris Saint-Germain, where Arsenal were leading 1-0 thanks to an Ian Wright first-half goal.

The tune sparked a series of rants among the outside defenders as they began chanting “1-0 to Arsenal”. Arsenal won the second leg 1-0 at Highbury before claiming victory in the final, you guessed it, 1-0.

Therefore, since then, the chant has become an integral part of the Gooner’s ethos.

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