Auckland City Council Invites WNBA Team in Approved Resolution

The WNBA could find its way into the city of Oakland.

Auckland City Council agreed to a decision On Tuesday he urged the league to create a WNBA team. But the city’s latest decision wasn’t the first step in its plan to secure a team.

Before WNBA Commissioner Kathy Engelbert shared that Oakland was One of several cities where the league Exploring the creation of a franchise In June, the Oakland Coliseum, the Alameda County Supervisory Board and city council leaders voted unanimously to start a team in Oakland during a meeting in July 2021.

Following that meeting, former WNBA All-Star four-time Alana Bird stated that she would partner with American Sports and Entertainment Group (AASEG) in hopes of creating a team in the city in October 2021.

Rebecca Kaplan, a member of the At-Large Council of Oakland, is a firm believer that the city has all the right infrastructure and a strong fan base to start a WNBA team. She also believes that Auckland will easily be able to provide resources for women and girls within the Bay Area.

“Auckland is a community that values ​​social justice, equality, and women’s rights,” Kaplan wrote in the city’s decision. “These principles are aligned with those of the WNBA, and we are ready to move forward as a partner in furthering these goals as the home of a new WNBA team.”

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