Avene has appointed Steve Taylor as Chief Product Officer

AveneThe Singapore-based blockchain firm has announced a new addition to its team, as Steve Taylor, CEO of Ex-Unity and Electronic Arts, has joined the position of Chief Product Officer (CPO).

Taylor will be responsible for creating and executing Affyn’s product strategy, starting with the first-ever launch of Affyn. ALPHA game show And the NFT Land Auction On September 30th.

eminent expert

Steve has more than two decades of experience in digital entertainment, both with heavyweight game makers, such as electronic arts And the Unity Techniques) and with leading mobile and advertising technology startups.

His background includes engineering, product strategy and execution, business development, marketing, and creative direction, ultimately leading to product management. Steve is passionate about creating solutions that solve challenging problems, provide value to the core business, and improve the user experience.

New employee follows successful NFT launch

This new designation comes after Avyn recently successfully rolled out his first “Generation Zero Buddies” NFT set. The collection includes rare NFTs that will be essential in the NEXUS World metaverse from Avyn.

All NFTs shown were sold out within 100 seconds of being listed due to high demand. While the initial price for Generation Zero NFTs was around $2,995 (US$150) per unit, the lowest price in six weeks has gone up more than 30 times on the OpenSea secondary market.

“Steve is a dynamic individual with a wealth of experience who will help Affyn build and grow products while delighting our users. “I am delighted to welcome him on board and am excited to work with him as we continue to meet key development milestones,” said Avyn Founder and CEO, Lucas Lee.

The economy of play and sustainable earning

Built on the Polygon blockchain, Affyn aims to reimagine the metaverse ecosystem to play and earn through the game NEXUS World, which combines the best of both the virtual and the real world.

Leveraging the in-game economy powered by its native FYN token, Affyn’s metaverse is pioneering a new type of mobile geolocation-based gameplay and earning game. Players can eventually exchange their FYN tokens for real goods and services without converting the original tokens to other cryptocurrencies.

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