Beauty Wednesday: 5 beauty tips for winter

a woman patting her face in gloves and a beige hat (and a black leather jacket);  In the background you can see trees covered with snow

What are some of the beauty-related things you do in winter (or do especially in winter)? These are some of the things I do…

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5 beauty tips for winter

Changing my facial moisturizer

Bioelements Really Rich Moisture - Kat Winter Moisturizer

I own summer moisturizer and winter moisturizer. I usually realize i need to make a change when my skin starts to itch and even peel a bit. My favorite winter moisturizer is this of the vital elements.

Add more hair masks

Not Your Mother's In-Shower Hair Mask - Matcha Green Tea & Apple Blossom

I try to make more hair masks in general for my curly hair, but especially in the winter, it’s a great time to treat your hair to some extra moisture. If you want something quick and easy, this is hard to beat VO5Hot oil I also like this 2-5 minute mask from Not Your Mother.

Don’t forget your scalp too! My scalp has been happy using it for years Magic Keel Elixir. I’m still trying this Glycolic mask For dandruff, but I think I like it…

Protect your skin by wearing gloves at all times

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cream

This may be an odd beauty tip, but the skin on my hands gets incredibly dry if I get even a little cold—which means I get hang nails and rough cuticles. If I’m going to be outside for any length of time, I make sure to wear gloves.

You can also use skin moisturizers, or do some rich moisturizing treatment on your hands at night – love this Weleda Skin Food Night cream and this Burt B nail butter If my nails needed a little TLC.

Exfoliate your skin

A bottle of good alginate facial exfoliating treatment

I always do a lot of facial scrubs, but i especially make sure i do it in the winter. If you are a beginner, I would suggest starting with Sunday Riley Good Genes As a 20 minute mask – if you know how your skin reacts, you can either leave it on overnight, or go for a more advanced treatment like Elephant is drunkAnd Ole Henriksen’s Dutopiaor even AHA/BHA Face Serum from The Ordinary.

(Be very careful with The Ordinary—if it’s your first time using it, set a timer for a minute. Seriously.)

Dry exfoliation can work wonders for your body too – I’m also a fan of in-shower body washes like corel or Nivea.

If you have very itchy skin elsewhere, such as the legs or arms, you may want to check out some body lotions that are made specifically for dry, itchy skin such as Defense against Corel’s itch – We also used Cerave products for rough and bumpy skin for my kids.

Treat your eyes

Theratris dry eye nighttime treatment gel

If your eyes tend to get dry, they may be particularly dry in the winter — drops can go a long way to helping your eyes stay comfortable and avoid dry, itchy eyes and redness.

I have very dry eyes, so i tend to like it This night jelly —but a warning that you may wake up with slightly crusty eyes! (Oh, I haven’t tried Very dry eye drops.) They have Regular dry drops, anyway; Readers also praised cystine.

Hat tip for suggested readers Bruder eye compresses – It’s soothing if your eyes are extra dry.

Readers, what lovely things do you do in winter?

stock image via Pexels/ Pavel Daniluk.

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