BeReal could start adding paid features in 2023

according to Reports by financial timesBeReal is considering adding paid features to the existing free to use app.

Photo sharing app has gone viral this year, especially with Gen Z. BeReal Supposed authenticity – Users get a 2-minute window once a day to create a completely unfiltered post – and the promise of a respite from excessive moderation and full of ads Instagram nourishes. To keep up with the meteoric rise of BeReal, like other social media applications tik tok And the Instagram be Introducing BeReal simulating featuresup to the simultaneous use of the front and rear camera.

While Instagram and TikTok emulate BeReal, so is BeReal Not It tries to be like any app when it comes to in-app advertising. The financial times He interviewed people closely associated with BeReal and learned that the company might start monetizing BeReal by integrating in-app purchases. Intrusive ads, while not entirely off the table, are out of the picture at the moment.

The application has grown significantly, financial times mentioned. BeReal has more than 15 million daily active users, up from 10,000 just one year ago. At a valuation of more than $600 million, insiders said financial times BeReal’s rapid growth could reach “tens of millions of people by the end of the year”.

These paid feature considerations come when urging investors to ensure that BeReal isn’t just a fad. Whatever happens, the app’s main photo sharing service will still be free to use. according to financial timesIn-app purchases on BeReal may resemble a bonus discord Membership, where you pay a monthly fee for rewards like digital stickers.

Nothing has been set in stone yet – that financial timesSources have stated that if BeReal does focus on in-app purchases, it likely won’t happen until later next year. Right now, the platform’s biggest priority is improving the usability of BeReal, including fixing the glitches that come with millions of users deploying the app simultaneously.

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