Berkeley Lights has launched Beacon Select™, a new photofluidic system for cell line development


Berkeley Lights, Inc. announced. Inc., a life sciences instrument company, today announced the launch of Beacon Select, the company’s new photofluidic system for cell line development (CLD). The Beacon Select is based on the same cutting-edge technology as the original Beacon system launched in 2017 that currently has an installed base of more than 130 systems worldwide. Beacon Select offers customers optical fluids and a NanoPen® Room technology and convenient CLD applications, but with the optimal level of features to meet the research and budget needs of new market segment customers.

Beacon Select is a two-chip, single-cell photofluidic system for CLD that enables scientists to clone, reproduce, screen and select the best clones in a single process on a single platform and is ideally suited for small and medium-sized biopharmaceuticals and CDM/CROs. This contrasts with Beacon’s initial four-chip system enabled for antibody and CLD detection, geared towards the use of a high campaign of large biopharmaceuticals and established CDMOs/CROs. Beacon Select enables high-throughput cloning, screening and selection of high-performance CHO cell lines in just days using Opto® CLD workflow. In addition, the optics® Confirmation checks enable users to select clones with preferred product quality attributes within five days of cloning to reduce overall bioprocessing costs, improve the probability of success, and shorten timelines by selecting higher quality clones for scale.

To increase customer accessibility and affordability, Berkeley Lights will offer Beacon Select with various purchase options including a capital, lease or detector rental designation. The two-chip Beacon Select’s list price will be roughly half that of the existing Beacon system, making the technology ideal for new users who don’t need the full Beacon capability. Additionally, this lower price point allows existing CLD Beacon customers to increase throughput and existing Antibody Discovery Beacon customers to access CLD applications.

“Berkeley Lights is strengthening its approach to market by offering more flexible configuration and pricing models that focus on customers’ total cost of ownership,” said Siddhartha Kadia, Ph.D., CEO of Berkeley Lights.

Beacon Select is the first in a series of new platform launches that provide lower barriers of entry for customers to acquire a game-changing technology focused on cell line development. By the second half of 2023, we will also offer Beacon Quest a specialized photofluidic system for academic research institutes and localized research centers. “

Siddhartha Kadia, PhD, CEO, Berkeley Lights

Additional features and benefits of the Beacon Select software

The beacon identification system can:

  • Select clones with higher titers than with conventional methods
  • Increase productivity by 2x while reducing cell line development timelines by up to 50%
  • Achieve clone efficiencies 5 times greater than FACS and 10 times greater than dilution reduction, while restoring clones with a guarantee of over 99% monoclonal
  • Use Berkeley Lights’ new custom throughput assay that enables selection of clones that secrete a variety of molecules, including antibodies, protein-based vaccines, enzymes, fusion proteins, antibody fragments, and cytokines. This capability allows a wide variety of projects to be completed on a single device.


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