Best CPUs: Productivity and Gaming

The main offerings of the current generation consist of Ryzen 9 7900XAnd the 7950X And the Core i9-13900 k. On AMD’s side, the 7950X offers better value at $44 per core versus $46 per core for the 7900X. You should only buy the 7900X over the 7700X for production performance, and if you assume time is money, in which case the better value 7950X is the obvious choice.

We’ll say it again. If you’re just playing, it’s within everyone’s reach 7700X A better option than the 7900X or 7950X, the single CCD processors ensure lower latency between cores. The 7900X and 7950X are first and foremost productivity processors, which you can only choose over the 7700X if you focus on work or work and play, and if work is on the agenda, the 7950X makes the most sense.

For Intel, the Core i9-13900K is a real beast and beast when it comes to power usage, sucking up a lot more power than the 7950X for a similar level of performance. In our opinion, the 7950X is the best productivity CPU, for a hardcore core it either matches or beats the 13900K.

For gaming though, the 13900K is king – it’s not miles faster, only 3% faster on average according to our own tests, but there are examples where the Core i9 is about 20% faster, and that can be a big deal for the competition. players.

A good quality AMD B650 motherboard can be had for around $200, and G.Skill’s Trident Z5 DDR5-6000 CL36 32GB memory can be had for $205, bringing this combo to $805.

Meanwhile, 13,900 K It costs $620 And you’ll want to spend at least $200 on a Z690 motherboard to avoid VRM throttling, chuck in the same G.Skill DDR5 memory and this combo works out to $1,005. That’s a significant 25% premium for what amounts to similar gaming performance. The Core i9 was 2.5% faster on average at 1440p with the RTX 4090 in our tests.

Unless you’re after the fastest possible gaming experience, there’s no point in investing in the Core i9-13900K. For productivity we go with 7950X And for gaming, the less expensive 7700X and 13700K are better value options.

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