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TL; DR: Lifetime subscription to file hipCV Resumé Builder Pro plan(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) Offered for sale at £80.32, saving you 88% off the list price.

Although the job market has been crowded for most of 2022, experts predict that it may undergo a sudden decline(opens in a new window) in the foreseeable future. This means that the competition could be getting tighter, and if you’re hoping to land a new gig soon, your resume should be more than stellar.

Writing cover letters and compiling resumes Satisfying applicant tracking systems (ATS) is hard enough as it is. Oftentimes, it takes hours to complete a custom resume alone. The good news is that there is a way to make this task more bearable, with the help of a site called hipCV. To help you land your dream job this year, you can get a subscription to the top rated CV builder(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) At 88% off.

hipCV is an easy-to-use resume builder that can help you create beautiful resumes that will get your foot in the door of any job you’re competing for. We’ve already covered it in the past, but this time around, you can get unlimited access to it for life at a deeply discounted price.

hipCV is designed to help you with every step of the application process. It packs templates that can serve as a starting point if you don’t know how to get started, and offers pre-written phrases of professionally written sentences that will improve your chances of getting noticed. But resume building aside, the platform offers features you’ll find useful in the job search process, including analytics and design customization. It allows you to easily monitor your application’s progress by telling you how many times it has been viewed, along with the exact time and location. It also enables you to customize your resume layouts, so that you can create truly outstanding resumes.

Make short work of building a resume and track it. Normally retailing for £730, you can get in Lifetime subscription(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) to the hipCV Resumé Builder Pro plan on sale for just £80.32.


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