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TL; DR: the 10 years old standard .ART domain name(Opens in a new tab) Offered for sale at £41.39, saving you 50% over the list price.

Creating your own small business online can be a good way to put your talent as an artist to work, but it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. If you want to create an impression on your visitors, you can start with your own domain name. a 10 years old standard .ART domain name(Opens in a new tab) It’s on sale for just £41.39 and comes with a free website builder that might make it easier to build your online presence.

There are all kinds of artists, and there are all kinds of art, but establishing your brand even on an industry level can make you memorable. Whether you’re painting, making brass jewelry, taking pictures at concerts, or making stained glass drawings of plants in your garden, an .art domain quickly tells visitors what you’re about. In addition, unique and relevant domain names tend to be easier to remember. Then you just have to give your visitors a reason to stay on your page by using our website builder to create a site that is easy to navigate and rewarding for visiting.

There’s even a chance that the .art domain can add some credibility to your business. Although still not very common, .art domain names are starting to gain traction as a shorthand for contacting the larger art community. It may seem like a small decision, but your own domain extension can add legitimacy to your business and your reputation as an artist.

From a practical standpoint, a domain extension also gives you access to more domain name options. You may finally be able to register your name as your own domain, and every time someone searches for you, they will see that you are an artist.

If you are starting an online business to sell your art, you can have a domain name that will tell potential visitors exactly what you do. Get 10 years old standard .ART domain name(Opens in a new tab) and Website Builder for £41.39.

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