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tl; DR: One year subscription to Swish Live Streaming Basic Plan(Opens in a new tab) On sale at £86.98, saving you 70% off the list price.

Your whole family might not be able to participate in every local game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t watch your star play. with swish live broadcast(Opens in a new tab)You can stream your child’s game live to the whole family, and a one-year basic plan is on sale for £86.98.

This widely compatible sports live streaming app works with the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Android devices. Once you’re on your phone, you can turn any sports game you’re watching into a live stream.

With the basic plan, you can get HD streaming on Facebook and Youtube along with unlimited streaming and downloading. Your broadcast can look semi-professional, with score management tools, team name grafts, partner logos, team logos, and more. You also get access to some fun features that let you customize the broadcast, like a time capsule and camera commentators. Respectively, these two features allow you to highlight highlights from your broadcast or conduct post-match interviews using the front camera. Make your child the star of the show with our post-game interview. You can also manage your scoreboard remotely using another compatible device.

Give your child the Champions League match and broadcast it live for friends and family to see. Get Swish Live Streaming Basic Plan(Opens in a new tab) On sale at 70% off at £86.98.

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