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The football season is coming to an end, with a team power Just around the corner, that means one thing: snacks. Watch parties happen every week, leading up to the biggest watch party ever next month. If you’re out to beat your friends on Sunday as you beat them to fantasy football, you’ll want to make sure you pull off a flood of delicious treats. The right kitchen tool or small appliance can take your hosting status from amateur to legendary.

If your goal is to make Crispy wings With fries, cheesy dips, and chili that’s delicious without a sweat, we’ve got some kitchenette going hardware that make a huge difference to Cooking and serving Game Day Classics Marquee. There are also drinks to consider, and since then beer It is tipple du jour, we found some elegant glassware and the insulated case coolers To keep everything extra goosebumps. Oh, and don’t forget, you can spend your day playing Wine delivery Along with most of the Foodsaving you a lot of time and trouble and trips to the store.

do you feel better? Like you might pull this off after all? If you’re playing host to the big game this year, don’t go it alone. Check out these great ones Tools And kitchen tools To make your 2023 football watching party the best and easiest ever.

earthenware pot

Slow cookers are the backbone of your game-day viewing party. You can cook up chili, tender pork shoulder, or pulled chicken just by tossing the ingredients and letting them do their thing while you do other jobs. Better yet, you can serve whatever you made in the stove to stay warm all evening and save you on the dishes.

This $30 Crock-Pot ticks all the boxes I look for in a slow cooker: a generous 6-quart cooking capacity that’s good for batches; Locking lid in case you need to take it on the go. Plus, I personally love the glossy black paint job and the price is just right.

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You can tinker with a deep fryer to make wings, fries, poppers, and other classic game-day snacks, but with an air fryer in the mix, why would you? Save yourself a lot of mess — and calories — and get eerily similar results to deep frying with an air fryer. Super convection cooking zests the outside for a crispy crust without burning or overcooking. You’re talking to a full blown air fryer, and honestly, this stuff couldn’t be easier to use. Plus, your house won’t smell like a carnival food cart afterward.

You can pay a lot more than $47 for an air fryer if you want a lot of fancy settings and features, but the Chefman’s nearly 4-quart analog fryer has rave reviews and enough cooking power to fry batches for the gang.

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Unfamiliar goods

Chips and salsa are as much a game-day staple as anything else. This handcrafted bowl accommodates both and looks great doing it.


If you’re going the burger or steak route for your hour party, this cast iron grill pan is a must. Cast iron cries hot and carries that heat evenly for perfectly seared and charred on the outside of the meat. The Lodge is a reliable cast-iron producer, and 10.5 inches should be good for holding four or five burgers or two large steaks at once.

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J Hinkles

For a more classic approach to cold beer, JA Henckels Double Walled Beer Mugs will keep your drinks cold without freezing your fingers. They’re freezer and dishwasher safe and condensation-free, so you won’t even need coasters.

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