Best gifts for siblings: Thoughtful steals and splurges

My sister is my favorite person to buy gifts. We’re close in age and relatively similar, so the chances are there ID Like it, so is she. I imagine that kind of blind faith in him family ties Makes buying gifts for siblings really fun. Even if they are not the same, you have a sense For what they enjoy – or at least an inside joke.

To make the experience fun and easy (as all gifts should be!), I scoured some of this year’s favorite finds and other adorable gifts that would suit any sibling, from the type-A sisters to the brother who’s always out of the blue. Whether you’re looking to splurge or just want to find the perfect little thing to make her feel special, we’ve got you covered.

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Best gifts for brothers and sisters

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A good haven inside cashmere socks

For your stylish siblings who love to keep warm. There’s no better condition for your toes than to be wrapped in the brand’s perfect cashmere feel.

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Pack


With the onset of the warm season—and daylight savings time kicking off what feels like perpetual darkness—our beds are looking a lot more attractive. And while I’m here for the sateen and all things luxurious linen, I don’t like the price tag. Enters: Brooklyn. Their sheets are extremely comfortable and are guaranteed to give you a restful and relaxing sleep –Ever. And by cutting out the middleman, they are able to offer quality beds at accessible prices.

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Cotopaxi Fuego hooded jacket

Instantly striking with its playful colors and respect for its commitment to sustainability, this Utah-based brand is definitely on your adventurous brother’s wish list.

NETMAGNETISM Series 4 IV Air Max 1/97 Sean W 2020

I don’t have proof, but imagine a Venn diagram of sneaker heads and Lego Bros would have some serious overlap.

Watering can design

A display-worthy version of the utilitarian makes it more accessible—and keeps houseplants happy.

JBL Clip 3 Hand Shower

It’s the kind of gift they didn’t know they needed, but will be forever grateful for.

Smart Change. The Five Minute Journal

Help thoughtful siblings stay on track with a stylish journal that cultivates gratitude and mindfulness.

Palomino Blackwing Pencils

Not all pencils are created equal. If your brother knows it, they deserve the undisputed best in Japanese Graphite.

Takenaka Bento Bite Dual

Make office lunch hours brighter — or at least more organized.

Mario Badescu, Facial Spray Set

to the brother who mastersmoisture sandwich“Technique.

PF Candle Co Golden Coast Candle

All the magic of Gold Coast Palo Santo in a phthalate-free candle form.

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NuFACE Trinity Starter Kit

Jennifer Aniston and Bella Hadid love to bump their face with tonal submissions with this AC favorite. Of course your brother will too.

Shiatsu foot massager

It’s a classic gift, but the versatile Cloud Massager (which can also massage your calves and ankles) soothes everything from common aches to plantar fasciitis—and looks good doing it.

Ember smart temperature control cup 2

For the brothers who heat their coffee in the microwave forever.

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